1.3 Image Consultation



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1.3   Image Consultation

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1.3 Image Consultation

When we discuss image consultation, we know that there are no standard rules concerning what you are ‘supposed to look like’. But there are some tricks here. The main objective is to provide the path of least resistance to anyone who might be interested in you or your work, so that whoever is looking at your content - audience, potential partner, festival director - understands exactly what you are about, in a nutshell, in no more than 30 seconds. If they have to think any more about it, usually reticence will slip in and they will begin to lose interest. Place the hook sooner than later, then you will be able to reveal the detail of your brilliance once you have their attention.  So, abide by these simple rules:

 ●      Lead with the same track across all your social media properties.  The composition on your website should be the first to play on your SoundCloud, video on Youtube and so on. If you only have one social media property, make sure it’s updated regularly.

●      Never start a web property that you don’t plan to update at least twice a week, as failing to maintain it will make your content seem old. 

●      Ensure that what your audience wants - i.e the music - is never be more than two clicks away. Websites with cumbersome audio players are no longer acceptable.

●      The look of your website and your music must make sense together. Think about your music and image as one and the same - they need to communicate with each other to be able to talk in unison to the audience.

●      Communicate in plain English across all your social media properties and do it consistently. Be consistent also with your ‘tone of voice’ - if what you say always has a similar rhetoric or timbre, than you will develop quicker and more memorable relationships with your audience.

●      Your image is meant to develop and sustain a relationship with your listener. Keep reinventing your image as much as you do with your music; it will reinforce what came before it.

●      Think about what makes you different from any other composer and try to get it across in everything you communicate.

Look at successful examples of composers that you admire who have a substantial international profile. Look at how they project themselves, the images and words they use (or are used about them) and think about what you might learn from them in this regard.

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