2.1 Insurance



1. Export Strategies

2. Digital Rights

2.1 Insurance

2.2 Trademarking

2.3 PRS and royalties

2.4 Publishing

2.5 Synchronisation

2.6 Youtube

2.7 Other income streams

2.8 Legal Primer

2.9 Being commissioned internationally

3. Support and Funding

4. International 101

5. Conclusion

2.1 Insurance

For all businesses - and remember, you are a business - we recommend that you obtain basic business insurance.

For musicians and composers, there are a number of elements you can insure, including instruments, equipment and mechanisms, or even your hands (if you are a pianist). If you are likely to take an instrument abroad then we recommend instrument insurance, which can be as cheap as £150 per year with an excess of £25 in some circumstances. Here are some recommended providers:

Allianz Insurance

Musician Insurance Services Musicguard

E and L

New Moon Insurance Endsleigh


This protects you from the potential damage of instruments by planes, sound technicians, venues and any accidental damage.

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