2.9 Being Commissioned Internationally



1. Export Strategies

2. Digital Rights

2.1 Insurance

2.2 Trademarking

2.3 PRS and royalties

2.4 Publishing

2.5 Synchronisation

2.6 Youtube

2.7 Other income streams

2.8 Legal Primer

2.9 Being commissioned internationally

3. Support and Funding

4. International 101

5. Conclusion

2.9 Being Commissioned Internationally


Here are a few tips to consider:

●     Consider the theme of your piece carefully and ensure, as with your image, it is front and centre.

●      Ensure that you have all the accompanying paperwork issued by PRS (or another collection society) to prove that you are the owner of the associated copyright.

●      If in doubt, pass any international commissioning offers by a UK music lawyer - they can ensure that the rights to present, air, transmit, manipulate and augment the work are clearly defined and that you understand what you are letting yourself in for.

●      Be steadfast in knowing what you want out of the work, especially if you are working with different musicians, conductors, audio-visual aides and orchestras.  Be consistent in what you want - even write down a short ‘how to’ guide to provide to potential partners.

●      Be careful to understand the exclusivity clauses in international commissioning agreements.  Make sure to understand exactly what you’re giving away and how it is to be used.

Here’s a great online guide from New Music USA.

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