1. Managing a Project



1. Managing a Project

1.1 Setting up and Planning

1.2 Running the Project

1.2.2 Event Preparation

1.2.2 The Big Day!

1.3 Completing the Project

2. Finance, Budgeting and Fundraising

2.1 Creating and keeping control of a budget

2.2 Fundraising

3. Marketing and PR

3.1 Approaching Press

3.2  Measuring Success

by Martin Wess


As Producer, you are in charge of running a project. Within the music sector, the project could take the shape of a one-off performance, a local series of events, an international concert tour, a string of educational workshops, an exhibition of scores, or a sound installation to name but a few. To produce, quite literally, means to lead forth, so you will lead on all stages of the project, from conception to wrapping up. You bring together all people and elements involved, and create as well as keep control of the budget. Producing is time and energy intensive, but very rewarding and, like no other job, gives you a fantastic insight into how different aspects of the music industry hang together.

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