David Toop Interviews Roger Turner

Roger Turner. Image by Max Bashirov http://www.flickr.com/photos/movaxdx/

"I interviewed Roger Turner for a project in which I wanted to combine video, documentation and live performance. What interested me was the relationship of the percussionist (or indeed any instrumentalist) to their instrument. At what point does the instrument end and the body begin? Roger’s answers were like his playing, full of passionate energy and perpetual invention, so I decided to leave out my questions and replace them with recordings of his drumming, made during the same session." - David Toop
Recorded at Roger Turner’s home, 18 May 2011.

Roger Turner is one of the pioneers of improvised music in the UK and one of its most distinctive percussionists. Starting with a duo concert with Chris Biscoe at Sussex University in 1966, he has developed and toured many playing partnerships, including duos with John Russell, Gary Todd and Phil Minton, a long-lasting trio with Lol Coxhill and Mike Cooper (The Recedents) and groups with Annette Peacock, Alan Silva, Tim Hodgkinson and Thomas Lehn (Konk Pack) and many others.

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