Episode 1

New Departures Episode 1

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Welcome to the first episode of the new Sound and Music podcast series, New Departures.

Each instalment features mini-investigations into specific territories and movements, a glance at Sound and Music’s previous, current and future activities and a random assortment of interests, oddities and new releases that draw a line through a multitude of genres; from the fringes of radical art music to primitive noise rock, free improvisation, beat driven electronics, ambient drone, field recordings, psychedelic pop, nothing music and beyond.



Artist: Jemaa El Fna
Track: Essiniya
Taken from: Ecstatic Music of the Jemaa El Fna
Label: Sublime Frequencies
Artist: Zeitkratzer & Carsten Nicolai
Track: Synchron Bitwave
Taken from: Electronics
Label: Zeitkratzer Records
Artist: Bren't Lewis Ensemble
Track: Mirror Therapy
Taken from: Three Christs of Ypsilanti
Label: Siltbreeze
Artist: Zs
Track: Acres of Skin
Taken from: New Slaves
Label: The Social Registry
Artist: Jurg Frey
Track: excerpt from String Quartets
Taken from: String Quartets
Label: Editions Wandelweiser
Artist: Michael Pisaro
Track: excerpt from Transparent City
Taken from: Transparent City (Volumes 1 and 2)
Label: Editions Wandelweiser
Artist: Ducktails
Track: Land Runner
Taken from: Landscapes’
Label: Olde English Spelling Bee
Artist: Rangers
Track: Bear Creek
Taken from: Suburban Tours
Label: Olde English Spelling Bee
Artist: Forest Swords
Track: Glory Gongs
Taken from: Dagger Paths
Label: Olde English Spelling Bee
Artist: Daphne Oram
Track: Look at Life
Taken from: Spaceship UK –The Untold Story of the British Space Programme
Label: Sound and Music (View Project)
Artist: Chris Watson
Track: White Faced Monkeys and Red Rumped Caciques
Taken from: Whispering in the Leaves at Kew Gardens
Label:  Sound and Music (View Project)
Artist: Michael Prime
Track: excerpts from Hungry Ghosts and Plasmodium
Taken from: Borneo
Label: Mycophile Records

Most of the material featured in this podcast can be purchased from the following independent retailers:

Sound 323
Mimaroglu Music Sales (USA)
Second Layer
Volcanic Tongue
Aquarius Records

Presented by: David Rogerson and Jonathan Webb
Produced and Mastered by: Brains and Hunch
Intro track by  Brains and Hunch and taken from an original score for the animated short 'Grime City' by Sam Morrison.

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