Episode 4

New Departures Episode 4

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Fourth edition of the new podcast series from Sound and Music.

Each instalment features mini-investigations into specific territories and movements, a glance at Sound and Music’s previous, current and future activities and a random assortment of interests, oddities and new releases that draw a line through a multitude of genres; from the fringes of radical art music to primitive noise rock, free improvisation, beat driven electronics, ambient drone, field recordings, psychedelic pop, nothing music and beyond.

Artist: Christine Ödlund
Track: Thought-Form
Taken from: Phenomena
Label: Ideal Recordings

Artist: High Wolf
Track:  Prius
Taken from: Shangri L.A.
Label: Art Union

Artist: Darksmith
Track: Everything is Breaking
Taken from: Total Vacuum
Label: Hanson

Artist: Hype Williams
Track: Rescue Dawn II
Taken from: Do Roids And Kill E'rything' 7”
Label: No Label

Artist: Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting
Track: Track 11
Taken from: Bubblethug
Label: Weird Forest

Artist: Lil B
Track: All Women
Taken from: Rain in England
Label: Weird Forest

Artist: Sharif Sehnaoui
Track: Trane
Taken from: Old and New Acoustics
Label: Al Maslakh

Artist: Olivia Block
Track: Heave To Part 2
Taken from: Heave To
Label: Sedimental

Artist: Yoshi Wada
Track: excerpt from ‘The Appointed Cloud’
Taken from: The Appointed Cloud
Label: EM Records

Artist: Wicked Witch
Track: Fancy Dancer
Taken from: Chaos: 1978-1986
Label:  EM Records

Artist: Tim Olive
Track: Track 3
Taken from: The Specialist
Label: EM Records

Artist: Bharat Karki & Party
Track: Arabika
Taken from: International Music
Label: EM Records

Most of the material featured in this podcast can be purchased from the following independent retailers:

Sound 323
Mimaroglu Music Sales (USA)
Second Layer
Volcanic Tongue
Aquarius Records

Presented by: David Rogerson and Jonathan Webb
Produced and Mastered by: Brains and Hunch
Intro track by Brains and Hunch and taken from an original score for the animated short 'Grime City' by Sam Morrison.

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