Films on sound: marginal music from Scotland

By Frances Morgan

SAM members might recall a feature in INTO magazine last September about new experimental sounds coming out of Glasgow and Edinburgh. Many of the artists interviewed by Daniel Spicer for the feature appear in a new film about Scotland's loose-knit and diverse musical community which is to be shown this weekend at the CCA, Glasgow., the source for information on Scotland's 'experimental, electronic, improvised, droney, noisy, etc' music and home of the Long+Wrong blog, have posted the following preview.

Film exerpt from Ben Ewart-Dean on Vimeo.


According to musician Neil Simpson, one of the filmmakers and the instigator of Update, the film provides a snapshot of a 'constantly evolving artistic community', as well as insights into musicians' and artists' creative processes. The film will be released later this year, and should be available to watch in full on the Sound and Music website, but Glasgow-based viewers can see it first on 9 April at the CCA as part of a full day of performances of 'overloaded music'.

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