Podcasts on film

By Frances Morgan

With their source material being mainly visual, film podcasts are less plentiful than their musical equivalents. However, there are still plenty of film podcasts to be found, ranging from discussions of the latest cinema releases to esoteric soundtrack shows.

Soundtracks, scores and music documentaries

Jonny Trunk’s OST show is something of a Resonance FM institution, with the Trunk Records boss trawling the archives for cult film soundtracks every Saturday alongside guests such as the Ghost Box label. Many of the shows archived and available as podcasts. WFMU doesn’t seem to have a designated soundtrack show, but I’ve certainly heard a lot of film music on there over the years, with Doug Schulkind’s Give The Drummer Some show often featuring music from films.

For film music professionals, SCOREcast Online gives an insight into the business of making and selling film music, including issues such as financing and licensing as well as the scoring itself. It’s geared towards those in the industry, but worth dipping into.

See It Loud is the podcast of music documentary website Music Film Web. The site also features a database of music docs which is fun to browse through: the focus is often on rock music, but there’s a good selection of jazz, world and classical titles too.


Film, sound and art

Ubuweb will, of course, be a familiar destination to anyone who likes discovering interesting sound and vision. Its podcasts focus mostly on sound and text, but their Listening to Films podcast, launched in spring 2011, is about films which, the site says, are ‘worth listening to (as well as seeing).’ It’s one of the best film-related podcasts around, featuring sonic excerpts from films by Sun Ra (below), Richard Serra, People Like Us and Hermann Nitsch, among others.

RWM, Radio Web MACBA, is a series of high-quality broadcasts on many aspects of sound, music and art, transmitted from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona. One of their most recent podcasts focuses on the Otolith Group, who use film as part of their practice. Art agency Lux doesn’t have a podcast but instead offers a selection of ‘vodcasts’, video interviews with artist filmmakers, here.

Independent film, reviews and news

I’m Ready For My Close Up is Resonance FM’s long-running film review and discussion show, hosted by Alex Fitch, and is available as a podcast here. Independent film magazine Electric Sheep has a regular slot on IRFMCU that expands upon the content of their web magazine with interviews, music and discussion.

VCinema, an online resource for Asian film, has a well-informed, lively podcast whose episodes this year have featured classic Korean films and the new Taiwanese cinema as well as a number of Japanese films. Mondo Movie  is one of the longer running cult movie podcasts and seems to have a keen listener base who participate with suggestions and comments. The ‘mondo’ tag in this case also covers new science fiction, vintage crime movies such as Le Cercle Rouge, and a load more.

A nice archival oddity is the Lost Picture Show, which, as the title suggests, discusses ‘lost’ films, or at least unusual ones. The selections are unpretentious and often funny: real underdogs as opposed to ‘cult classics’ that aren’t lost at all. Meanwhile, while it currently seems to be on hiatus, film noir fans can listen to a large archive of discussions of both classics and rarities of the genre at Out Of The Past.


Thanks to Virginie Selavy of Electric Sheep magazine for help with the selections. If you know of – or even host – a film podcast, especially if it's about film, sound and music, drop us a line on frances.morgan@soundandmusic.org

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