Incubator #2

Following the success of the first Incubator round we selected five more projects interested in audience development to test their theories. 


Incubator #2 Projects

 promoting contemporary classical music

New Dots are investigating how collaborative work across art forms can lead to new audiences for new music. In November 2014 New Dots will be presenting a collaborative event featuring four composers and four filmakers who have worked together to create new pieces. From this event they will be testing new ways in which to extend their communications with attendees to encourage them to attend another event.

Read: Meryl Hicks on being an audience data geek
Read: Meryl Hicks on the results of being an audience data geek

Cafe OTO

OTO Projects are prototyping a new digital membership model that would provide subscribers downloadable recordings from performances at Cafe Oto. They are aiming to build upon their highly engaged digital audience and extend the reach of their presence beyond those who cannot make it to the venue. The digital membership will also include access to additional media content to provide context for the performances. This project is also being supported by the hub.

Hugs Bison are Shaun Blezard and Phil Powell, a duo of iPad wielding improvisers interested in the internet and how it can be used to form new community spaces. Hugs Bison are curating a series of experiments in online events leading to 2 shows live from London. The events will focus upon using technology to create a coherent programme featuring players from across the world over the internet. Audience data will be collected from each show and mined to understand how best to create interest in locations where the duo have no physical presence. 

Capsule are a new music organisation based in Birmingham who are the creators of the annual new music festival Supersonic. Capsule are trialling extending their physical event through the creation of digital media which they will then syndicate out to media outlets and across social networks. They are testing the idea of COPE - create once, post everywhere - to nuture the existing community and also to realise opportunities for the artists involved.

Call & Response

Call & Response are exploring the potential for downloadable, standalone software and apps to generate and extend audiences for multi-channel acousmatic works By commissioning new multi-channel acousmatic works and remixing existing classic pieces into multi-channel formats high quality ambisonic recordings of these pieces will be made and then converted into UHJ format. 

In this project


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