Incubator #3

Round 3 October 2014


RECON - In The Silent Gig the audience is provided with headphones through which they tune in and out of a live performance by a band accompanied by dancers. This format allows us to take experimental music into new contexts and creates access points for non-familiar audiences.



Fields - Fields is a networked system exploring new areas of musical performance and spatialised sound through the use of personal mobile technology as a medium for sound diffusion. Personal mobile technology in this context includes smart phones, tablets and laptops as well as other portable devices that support web browsing. This project provides an alternative method for sound spatialisation as well as offering new ways in which audiences can engage in media works. The project Fields refers to two main, interconnecting parts; Audio playback system using web technologies to diffuse sound live through the inbuilt speakers of the audience’s mobile devices. A specially designed electro-acoustic composition and performance demonstrated through the system presenting this new approach to sound diffusion.



    Rubato - Rubato is a way for performers, venues and artists to broadcast synchronised content (images, words) to all the devices (phones, tablets, TVs) in a room. The use of phones during performances is often considered a scourge; Rubato encourages this, turning every audience member’s device over to the performer as a display, allowing them to broadcast to everyone in the venue.


    Forma Arts - Notebook Fl10s: False Lights Seaham by Ed Carter is Forma Arts' first development of the digital artist’s notebook. Notebook will help unpack new work using existing tools and reveal the development process, as well as giving Fl10s a presence between presentations. The evaluation of this project should be completed by early 2015.

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