The City Rings, Cornwall

The City Rings II
September - October 2011
Humphry Davy School, Penzance, Cornwall
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Sound and Music

Building on the success of our project with Portlethen Primary School, Aberdeenshire in October 2010, SAM once again teamed up with European partners Aifoon and Sons de Barcelona to take part in an exciting schools project that invites pupils to share their experiences by means of sound.

Through September and October 2011 SAM worked with Cornwall-based multi-media artist Cat Lee-Marr and a Year 9 class from Humphry Davy School in Penzance on a 5 week project that was very different to their usual music lessons!

Through the course of the project the class experimented with ways of using sound as a means of expression, exploring the unique sonic properties of the area where they live. In addition to learning the technical skills for capturing sound and composing pieces using Audacity, the UK class were involved in an ongoing dialogue and online exchange with students in Barcelona and pupils from two schools in Ghent, Belgium.

The aim for this series of workshops was to develop an approach to an international Sonic Postcards that runs in secondary schools, and to experiment with new ways of exchanging sounds, opinions and ideas between participating students.

You can see and hear how the project when on The City Rings blog.

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Aifoon is an educational art organisation, based in Ghent, focusing on sound in audiovisual communication. They organise workshops and training for children, teachers, art docents and others, and actively investigate the artistic and pedagogical opportunities of sound as a poetic medium.

Sons de Barcelona is a project started by the Music Technology Group of Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, in the context of project Freesound. Sons de Barcelona aim to awake interest in sound through workshops in schools, civic centers, universities and libraries where they introduce participants to new ways of thinking and working with sound.

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Sound and Music

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Cornwall County Music Service


Sons de Barcelona

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