Cut & Splice - Live Event 2015

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25 September 2015 - 26 September 2015
Cafe OTO
Produced by: 
BBC 3, Cafe OTO and Sound and Music

Cut & Splice 2015 links the work of the pioneers of the sonic avant-garde to the trail-blazers of today and explores the relationships between music machines and the environment. Moving from the centre to the edges of music-making practices, from the last century to our own, the programme seeks to explore these dual radii of influence, that somehow overlap, create interference patterns and forming a fuzzy and yet compelling continuum on which the programmed works lie. The digital and computer-oriented takes a back seat in favour of media archaeology and single-use technologies — from Aeolian Harps and Helmholtz listening glasses to sounding trees and hairdryer-powered orchestras of wind instruments. The surrounding, sounding world also plays its part in this year’s event, recorded, filtered, transcribed and forming the basis of its own audible eco-system.

Cut & Splice does not shy away from genre mixing — on the contrary it is its curatorial modus operandi. Work for classical instruments, experimental music, installation and electroacoustic pieces will all be presented on equal terms over the course of these two evenings at London's Cafe Oto. Cut & Splice audiences will be treated to an artist led journey toward the otherness of machine and nature, an otherness reflecting the unique qualities of human subjectivity.

Since 2003 Cut & Splice has run as an acclaimed international festival of sound art and experimental music. Co-Produced by Sound and Music and BBC Radio 3, Cut & Splice is broadcast on Radio 3’s Hear and Now programme. This year’s event is curated by the composer Joanna Bailie. A distinctive voice in international new music, Joanna’s work has been performed by groups such as Ensemble Musikfabrik, L'instant Donné, EXAUDI, Ensemble Mosaik, The Nieuw Ensemble, Apartment House and The London Sinfonietta.

Together with composer Matthew Shlomowitz, Joanna is the founder and artistic director of Ensemble Plus-Minus.


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