Vol 1. Can't.Remember.How.It.Starts.

digital discoveries can't remember how it startsTrack Listing

1. Paul Whitty - Cant.Remember.How.It.Starts
2. Paul Newland: Shadow and Light
3. Andrew Toovey: Jack Smith (v1: violin and viola solos)
4. Andrew Toovey: Jack Smith (v2: bagpipes)
5. Laurence Crane: See Our Lake
6. Geoff Hannan: Centrifugal Bumblepuppy
7. Andrew Toovey: Self Portrait As A Tiger
8. Michael Zev Gordon: There We Sat Down
9. Richard Baker: Huiusmodi Sunt Omnia

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Released on 25 November 2013

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Ixion was formed in May 1987, and launched with concerts at the BMIC and Dartington; it was from the title of an early Feldman score that the name Ixion was chosen. The purpose in forming this ensemble was to provide an independent platform for composers and instrumentalists. Ixion has had five series of concerts at the Brighton Festival and at Dartington, as well as concerts at the Bergen Festival, Huddersfield Festival, Darmstadt Summer School, various universities and the South Bank - many of these concerts were broadcast on BBC Radio 3. Ixion have also been featured on BBC2 and Ch (…more)
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