Kay Grant and Alex Ward


Kay Grant started in the downtown New York scene but crossed the Atlantic, while clarinettist Alex Ward started with Derek Bailey. Both are now longstanding and vital members of the London scene, having played with a veritable Who’s Who of the world’s improvisers, and bring their mutual experience in multiple musical styles to the table. Furious, humourous and sonorous all at once, it's a dynamic duo that has been evolving for over five years.  

Their CD Fast Talk ...Being a Collection of Live Musical Conversations Recorded on Several Auspicious Occasions (Emanem) has received rave reviews and was listed in The Wire’s 2012 Rewind Jazz and Improv top chart. 

"Even as two very distinct voices, clarinet and vocals still intertwine, circling and mirroring each other to stunning effect". -- John Eyles, All About Jazz

"The voice of Kay Grant and clarinet of Alex Ward run playful circles around each other’s ideas, constantly inspiring the other to new heights. In fact it can’t get much more fun than this." -- Joe Higham, Free Jazz

"Both musicians explore irony by twisting form into impossible musical shapes… always emerging with spectacular wit and the choicest of musical wisdom." – Raul D’Gama Rose, All About Jazz 


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