Past Events

Off The Page 2011

Friday 11 February, 7pm – 10.30pm

Doors open at 7:00pm

7.30pm Presentation: Robert Wyatt on his favourite music

9.30pm Short films: hosted by BFI and introduced by Jonny Trunk: Tristram Cary on film

Saturday 12 February, 10am – 10.30pm

10:00am Talk: Ken Hollings on the post-Cageian universe

11.30am Talk: Rob Young and Matthew Herbert on the impact of musique concrète on contemporary sonic culture
12.45pm Talk: Teal Triggs on Fanzines

2.45pm Talk: Steve Beresford and John Kieffer on John Stevens
4.15pm Talk: Kodwo Eshun on ten pieces of paradigmatic music criticism
5.30pm Talk: Dave Tompkins histrory of the vocoder, from its use in the Second World War to its role in the era of Auto Tune

7.30pm Presentation: Christian Marclay on his favourite music and film clips

9.30pm Short films:
Lux presents two short films on  John Cage, "Interview Performance John
Cage" and "36 Mesostics REe And Not Re. Duchamp", originally broadcast
on the Artists Television Network in 1978

Sunday 13 February: 10:45am – 5pm 

10:45am Roundtable discussion: including Mark Fisher, Nina Power, and The Wire editors on the role of music criticism on print and the Web

12:00pm Performance Lecture: Salome Voegelin, David Toop, Daniela Cascella on the philosophy of listening

2:00pm In conversation: Green Gartside with Mark Fisher discussing politics and cultural theory in pop culture and music 

3:30pm Performance lecture: Claudia Molitor, Jennifer Walshe, Sarah Nicholls on music notation


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