The Necks (left), Harold Budd (right)

The Necks
"one of the most extraordinary groups on the planet...not so much a trio as a revolutionary consortium redefining music...” The Guardian

“Absolutely three musicians can sound like eighteen is a mystery... extraordinary magical sounds emerged from the ensemble...the way The Necks do this with acoustic instruments is nothing short of miraculous" Financial Times

The Necks conjure music that defies description in orthodox terms.  Not entirely avant-garde, nor minimalist, nor ambient, nor jazz, the music of The Necks is regularly described internationally as, simply, unique. Together for 25 years, the cult Australian trio comprising Chris Abrahams (piano), Lloyd Swanton (bass) and Tony Buck (drums), have honed an assured and compelling method of improvisation, building around repeated motifs through subtle shifts and layering, highly attuned to the acoustics of each performance space, to produce an extraordinarily dense and hypnotic effect frequently underpinned by an insistent deep groove.

This UK tour will coincide with the release of a new album, Mindset,  on ReR Megacorp – The Necks’ first on vinyl.


Harold Budd

“Ambient, poignant, devastatingly pretty — whatever you call it, Harold Budd's music inhabits an aesthetic all his own” Matthew Weiner

“Possibly the world’s finest Ambient keyboard composer” Mark Prendergast, The Ambient Century

Harold Budd was one of the founding fathers of what has since come to be known as ‘ambient’ (though Budd prefers the term discrete). The Mojave Desert landscapes of his childhood, together with his formative influences from Cage to Coltrane, have informed Harold Budd’s sparse, hypnotic and deeply atmospheric compositions. Brian Eno brought him to the UK to record The Pavilion of Dreams for his label Obscure, with an ensemble featuring Michael Nyman, Gavin Bryars and Marion Brown. Budd then started a long affair with the UK resulting in further collaborations with Eno, Cocteau Twins, Andy Partridge and Fila Brazillia, amongst many others.

Budd’s poignant desert visions have produced classic recordings like The Pearl, Music for Three Pianos and Luxa. These days, Harold Budd performances are hard to come by. He will be joined by Werner Dafeldecker, an improvising musician, bass player and composer who has worked with many of those artistically close to Budd, including David Sylvian, Christian Fennesz and members of The Necks, Chris Abrahams and Tony Buck.


Werner Dafeldecker was born in 1964 and studied bass in Vienna. In the past, Dafeldecker has played jazz, rock, and new music, and has been commissioned for compositions by Konzerthaus Wien and ORF, among others. Co-founder of the bands Polwechsel and Shobotinski, this Viennese musician started up an avant-garde label -- Durian Records -- in 1995, and can also be found on recordings for the Hat Art, Extraplatte, and Random Acoustics labels.

In this project


21 November at Capstone Theatre, Liverpool Hope University
22 November at Holywell Music Rooms, Oxford SOLD OUT
23 November at Phoenix Arts Centre, Exeter
24 November at Stan’s Café, Birmingham
25 November at Opera North, Howard Assembly Rooms, Leeds


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