The Guardian, 7 June 2010

"Rumbles in the jungle: Kew Gardens' eerie new sound installation" - Pascal Wyse.

An audio slideshow introduction to Whispering in the Leaves. Interview by Pascal Wyse, photographs by Graeme Robertson.

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Gramophone, 28 May 2010

by Martin Cullingford

"There are some quite extraordinary noises – the guttural croak of black howler monkeys, the short synthesiser-sounding bursts of the frogs, and the shimmering wall of insect noise ... This enjoyable installation works well either as offering visitors an unexpected (or even perhaps for many an unconsciously absorbed) ambient context to the surrounding plants, or as an immersive cycle of sound to be listened to and explored."

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Daily Telegraph, 28 May 2010

"Chris Watson: sounds like a load of monkeys" - Florence Waters

"The installation’s beauty is the simplicity of his offering: an opportunity to put our ears in nature’s darkest and most inaccessible places."

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