Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

Try to learn about what people are doing in other disciplines such as art, film, literature and performance. Often ideas and practices will overlap. Even if you do not know or understand much about the field, try to find what you may or may not like it about it. Perhaps you would like to incorporate other elements into the work and bring in new collaborators.

Most collaborations happen organically. There are collaborations with friends or those with whom you feel you share ideas and attitudes. If you are looking into collaborating with someone in another discipline, ask friends or explore different fields. Speak to people and see if you can get some recommendations.

I often work collaboratively.  Last year I worked on a project called Stage Fright with video artist Laura Buckley and Django Django drummer, Dave Maclean. Laura gave Dave and me lots of video footage, which we edited into short samples and then composed a piece of music. We converted them into four video tracks, which Laura then installed as one of her immersive installations. Dave, Laura and I were at art school together and developed the projects there, but never had the resources to actually realise it. Rokeby gallery was interested in mine and Laura’s work so we proposed the project to them. They gave us a production budget and sourced the equipment we needed to make it happen.

– Haroon Mirza, Artist

Having an interesting starting point is far from enough for me – I like to join things, which are not usually thought to have any link between them; that is when I start my research, to help building a framework of references in which the piece exists. That is why I am interested in so many different disciplines, because you never know what hidden/impossible links you might find.

– Raymond Yiu, Composer

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