Tuning Out

10 May - 19 May 2014
Produced by: 
Sound and Music / Tuning Out

Tuning Out is a series of concerts taking place around the UK, which will invite a listening public to visit some wonderful instruments around the UK & re-imagine the nature of pitch relationships. The music will explore the lesser chartered areas of microtones, unequal temperaments and unusual instrumental tunings.   

The project involves three musicians who question the rules of equal temperament in their own different ways.

They will be making use of some of the UK’s many underused tracker - action pipe organs, and using re-configured and re-tuned string Instruments. 

Over several concerts in diverse areas of the country from Liverpool to London,  Newcastle to Brighton, audiences can expect to be part of a rich sonic experiment, and have the chance to hear extraordinary instruments where new tunings open a world for new harmonies and colours that have, until now, remained locked away un-played.

Veryan Weston - long term explorer of underused and ancient instruments and Jon Rose – re-builder and re-thinker of the instrumental properties of the Violin, have been collaborating for the last 10+ years creating recordings and concerts that re-invent possibilities of how instruments can sound, and who use altered tunings as a primary avenue for improvisation.

They are inviting cellist Hannah Marshall - whose recent album Tulse Hill explores shifting de-tuned open string patterns, to join them in this collaboration.

Each Musician has written a text giving some insight into the background of the tour and the music that will be made:

Veryan Weston: Burblings from the organ-hunter

Hannah Marshall: A Few Notes to Self 

Jon Rose: A Question of Balance

This tour is co-produced with Sound and Music as part of the 2014/15 touring programme, find out more about the tours we're supporting here.

Tour dates

10 May // St Mary the Virgin Church, Leicestershire
£6/4 tickets available here.

12 May // Blue Coat School, Liverpool
£6/4 tickets available here.

13 May // All Saints Church, York
£6/4 tickets available here.

15 May // St Silas, Newcastle upon Tyne
£6/4 tickets available here.

16 May // St Matthew's Church, Sheffield
£6/4 tickets available here.

18 May // St Mary's Church, Brighton
£6/4 tickets available here.

19 May // All Hallows-on-the-Wall, London
£6/4 tickets available here.


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