Composer Commissioning Survey 2015

Composer Survey pie chart
Composer Survey pie chart

The results are in for the Composer Commissioning Survey 2015! 

In 2014, Sound and Music conducted the Composer Commissioning Survey for the first time. We had an overwhelming response and saw press coverage across the world. This year we collaborated with the Australian Music Centre to extend the survey's reach in Australia and sought to find out what composers consider a fair fee for a number of commission scenarios.

There are six key stories that arose from the survey data that paint a picture of what it's like for a number of composers in the world today. These stories are explored in more detail in the report which is available download below.

The average commission fee from the UK respondents was £918
The new figure takes into account a clearer question format as well as deeper statistical analysis; so whilst not directly comparable to last year, therefore, the new figure is still incredibly low.

This is a lot less than composers think is fair.
For example, on average, composers thought a fair fee for 10 minute piece for a soloist was £1,478 from the UK respondents and $2,802 from the AUS respondents.

Things haven't changed a lot since last year.

The keys facts remain the same:

  • Commissions are not a significant income source for a lot of composers.
  • Composers are still not getting paid for some commissions and very few feel they are compensated correctly.

There is not enough time.
 Time is listed as one of the big reasons why respondents turn down commissions; and, as last year, there is a strong level of agreement that there is less rehearsal time for new works than there used to be. 

Responses from the survey suggest that commissions are less lucrative for AUS respondents
AUS respondents stated they earned less from commissions in comparison to UK respondents and when asked to recommend the fees for a number of commissioning scenarios, AUS respondents suggested lower fees than UK respondents for every single scenario. 

Fewer commissions and lower earnings, again.
When asked to compare the last three years the majority of respondents thought that this year is the worst in terms of the number of and earnings from commissions.


>>Download the report here<<


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