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Noh is a theatrical art form that has been handed down through generations and been labelled one of the world’s oldest performing arts. It has also been designated an “Intangible Cultural Heritage” by UNESCO. Noh is a total art form comprised of drama, music and dance elements. While often compared to western opera, the differences can be quite startling. Due to the use of masks in noh masks, one can call noh a “mask drama.” There are many symbols and subtle allusions to Japanese cultural history deeply ingrained in the choreography and music.

As part of the Portfolio programme, we're partnering with Mu:Arts and Royal Holloway University to offer you a fascinating and unique opportunity for two composers to develop skills in writing for Japanese noh theatre, with no previous knowledge of noh  necessary.


Porfolio Composers: 

We are pleased to announce Nick Morrish Rarity and Andrew Thomas as the selected composers to work with Mu:Arts and Royal Holloway University for Portfolio Summer 2015.  

Nick is a composer, and doctoral candidate at the Royal College of Music, where he is supported by the Douglas & Hilda Symonds Award, and is supervised by Jonathan Cole, Simon Holt and Gilbert Nuono. 

Andrew Thomas holds degrees in music and composition from City University, London, St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge and recently completed his PhD in composition at Birmingham Conservatoire under Richard Causton, Joe Cutler and Edwin Roxburgh.

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Portfolio is a Sound and Music artist development programme. Aimed at talented composers at an early stage in their career, Sound and Music’s Portfolio scheme provides a key development opportunity for composers to create new work with and for some of the UK’s leading ensembles and presenters of new music. Portfolio enables them to develop their portfolio of work and gain vital artistic and practical insight and experience in working with professional ensembles and presenting organisations, and delivering new work to public audiences. 

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09/05/2016 Premieres of works by Portfolio composers at Noh Reimagined 
31/07/2015 Selected composers for Portfolio Mu:Arts announced
Applications have now closed for the Portfolio with Mu:Arts

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