Printed and In Person


In the age of digital technology physical objects like printed brochures and leaflets, which have to be passed on to or collected by people, are fast becoming less relevant tools of promotion. Business cards are the only exception to this, as they are a very useful way of distributing your contact and webpage details when meeting somebody in person. On occasions, printed flyers might be a good idea, especially for local promotion of specific events, but generally digital material is cheaper to create as well as more accessible to a wider geographical spread of people.

In person

Meeting somebody in person can be a powerful way of connecting. Go to as many performances, events and symposia as you can afford to and get talking with people around you. ‘Networking’ can sound daunting, so just think of it as getting to know people by having a friendly chat, rather than peddling your wares. Be curious about other people’s activities, listen just as much as you talk, and you might find that networking is a great way of sharing ideas, making friends and extending your professional network.

After having met somebody, it’s useful to add their contact details to your contact list, together with notes about how and where you met and what the other person’s interests/activities are. Should you be in touch with them again at some stage in the future, it will be useful to refer back to your prior contact. 

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