Lauren Redhead - Organ and Electronics

Lauren redhead
7 February - 10 May 2014
Produced by: 
Sound and Music / Lauren Redhead

The sounds of the organ and of electronics are rarely heard together, but they were also ‘separated at birth’; as a combination they work extremely well, revealing interesting and unexpected things about the organ as an instrument and about the spaces in which the pieces are played. This tour presents performances of pieces which explore this combination alongside contemporary solo organ works which explore sound and space. Each concert explores the resonant possibilities of the spaces in which the organ is found, with a further focus on contemporary experimental music and
on graphic and extended notation for the organ.

The organ and electronics work so well together because of the way that organs are built: they are installed in the space. The same is true of electronics, meaning it is possible to get a highly blended sound from the two, and have them sound with one voice. In many ways, the organ is the perfect instrument to team with electronics because it already works on a system of extending the sound through stops and its sound doesn't come from a single source and its mechanistic method of sound production offers parallels with the creation of digital sound.


The pieces featured on the tour have mostly been composed specially for Lauren Redhead as a performer, including by Jesse Ronneau, Martin Iddon, Caroline Lucas, Nick Williams, Tina Krekels, Richard Glover, Huw Morgan, John Hails and by Lauren Redhead herself. Featured composer Alistair Zaldua will also diffuse and perform the live electronics for the majority of the pieces throughout the tour.

This tour is co-produced with Sound and Music as part of the 2013/14 touring programme, find out more about the tours we're supporting here.

Tour Dates

7 February // St Giles, Edinburgh 
6.30pm pre-concert talk, 7.30pm main concert.
£5 available here

22 February // St Margaret’s, Leicester
6.00pm pre-concert talk, 6.30pm main concert. 
£8/ £5 available here

7 March // Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury
6.30pm, post-concert Q&A with the performer and composers.
 £7/£3 (students) available here.

15 March // St Laurence, Catford. In association with Automatronic
4.00pm pre-concert talk, 4.30pm main concert. 
£5 available here.

3 April // Sussex University, Brighton.
12.30pm, post-concert Q&A with the performer and composers.

5 April // Salford Sonic Fusion Festival
1.00pm (lunchtime concert)
Tickets available on the door.

4 May // Sounds New Festival, Canterbury.
£8/£4 available here.

10 May // St James, Barrow-in-Furness. in association with Octopus Collective
6.30pm pre-concert talk, 7.30pm main concert.
£5/ £3 available here.

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