Living Symphonies

Summer 2014

Living Symphonies is a musical composition which grows in the same way as a forest ecosystem. Portraying the thriving activity of the forest’s wildlife, plants and atmospheric conditions, it creates a never-ending symphony heard amongst the forest itself. Composed and realised by James Bulley and Daniel Jones, Living Symphonies will be taking place across four of England’s forests during Summer 2014.

With help from the Forestry Commission, James and Dan have selected rich and diverse areas in the forests to replicate through an artificial model of its ecosystem, mimicing the behaviours of the real wildlife. Each animal, tree and plant is linked to a unique set of musical instrumentation and motifs, which portray its changing behaviours. Dozens of these musical elements are heard at once, collectively creating an ever-changing symphony from the complex web of interactions that make up the forest. Living Symphonies is experienced from a network of speakers embedded invisibly amongst the canopy and undergrowth. 

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24 – 30 May, Thetford Forest

20 – 26 June, Fineshade Woods

26 July – 1 August, Cannock Chase Forest

26 – 31 August, Bedgebury Pinetum

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