31 October - 30 November 2013
Produced by: 
Tusk & Sound and Music

Sound And Music and Tusk Music are delighted to announce this tour of Vicki Bennett’s film-collage-as-visual-score Notations, to be soundtracked by a unique combination of leading improvising artists at each event.

 Watch the trailer, find out more about the artists and more about the film collage.

Notations has been created by Vicki from hundreds of different film clips, where the content conceptually or literally portrays different kinds of ‘gestures’ or ‘instructions’ to be read by the improvising artists on stage as a visual score.

To soundtrack Notations, an impressive international cast of improvisers has been recruited and, as each show features a different combination of artists, every performance will be completely unique. The artists involved are Bill Orcutt, Rhodri Davies, M.C. Schmidt (Matmos), Philip Jeck, Jaap Blonk, Steve Noble, Wobbly, Mark Sanders, Tomomi Adachi, Yoni Silver and Jennifer Walshe.

Each event will also begin with an audiovisual performance by People Like Us of Consequences (One Thing Leads To Another), which places similar but emerging subject matter side by side to construct the narrative, a story emerging as a sum of the preceding parts yet digressing on a tangent. All actions have consequences, and here we see them played out, to wondrous and catastrophic effect!

Watch the Notations Tour Trailer on Vimeo

Find out more about the artists

Bill Orcutt // Listen on Soundcloud, watch a live performance on East Village Radio, find out more at

Rhodri Davies // Listen on Boomkat, watch 8 Harps performance with Clare Cooper, find out more at

Mark Sanders // Watch on Stewart Lee presents, find out more at

MC Schmidt // Watch with John Berndt at the Red Room, listen to Matmos and find out more at

Wobbly // Listen to a collection of his music and find out more at

Jennifer Walshe // Watch improvisation with Tomomo Adachi, listen on Soundcloud and find out more at CMC

Tomomi Adachi // Watch Voice and the Right Hand and find out more at

Jaap Blonk // Watch Free Verse, listen on Soundcloud and find out more at

Philip Jeck // Watch at Summer Sundae 2008, listen on Spotfiy and find out more at

Steve Noble // Read an interview on The Liminal, listen on Fataka and find out more at

Notations Tour Dates

31 October - Star & Shadow Cinema, Newcastle
Bill Orcutt/Rhodri Davies/Mark Sanders + Bill Orcutt solo set

14 November - Kraak, Manchester
M. C. Schmidt/Wobbly/Jennifer Walshe

[CANCELLED] 15 November - Creative Arts Development Space, Sheffield

16 November - Hyde Park Picture House, Leeds
M. C. Schmidt/Wobbly/Tomomi Adachi

29 November - Cafe Oto, London
Jaap Blonk/Philip Jeck 

30 November - Arnolfini, Bristol
Jaap Blonk/Philip Jeck/Steve Noble

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