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Episode #3 out now - with bonus episode!
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Introducing ‘Chest of Toys’ – the new music podcast

In late 2016, we commissioned Aaron Holloway-Nahum from Riot Ensemble to produce a new podcast series – an idea he had been toying around with for a number of years.

Now are delighted to introduce you to ‘Chest of Toys’ – a series exploring the ““cacophonous stories from the world of new music”. 

Three episodes will cover “how health problems can lead an artist down a different path, the way a city comes together to celebrate their artists, the way music can be an escape route to a different part of the world and just what the heck performers do when some of these scores first turn up in their inbox!”


Episode #1

In the first episode, violinist, composer and improviser Alison Blunt talks about how health problems during her studies redirected her musical path 

>>Listen to the first episode here<< 

>>Read Aaron's blog about the project here<<

Episode #2

Episode two of  ‘Chest of Toys’ looks at the Eartaxi festival in Chicago. Eartaxi was a 6 day festival celebrating the new music scene there. With more than 32 events around the city, it included more than 350 musicians, 88 Chicago composers, 54 world premieres and 5 sound installations. We wanted to ask the people about this community about how new music that is this bold and eclectic and unyielding can have such a wide and pervasive presence in a city that large.

>>Listen to the second episode here<< 


Episode #3 - with bonus episode!

When most of us think about new music, we think about a concert – or maybe a recording. But for the musicians who perform this music, the dominant experience isn’t the concert: It’s the days, weeks, even months spent alone practicing the music. So we thought we’d ask our musicians: what’s it like to receive a new score?

>>Listen to the third episode here<< 


The ‘Chest of Toys’ podcast has been supported through our Amplify Programme which seeks to bring new music, sound, creators, composers and ideas to new audiences. Hosted on The Sampler our blog and litings site for curious listeners, we aim to showcase the best of what is happening across the UK from events, to webinars, podcasts to playlists. 

We are always looking to work with and collaborate with new partners, so if you have an idea that you that you think we need to know about get in touch - email  


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