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Monday 28th November 2016
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We caught up with Bobbie-Jane Gardner about her Compose.Create.Engage. crowdfunding project for-Wards, as she enters the final days of her PledgeMusic experiment. 

'How do you create value in your life?

How do you endeavour to make something that supports your day-to-day existence move in the direction of creating happiness for self and others? 

Well these are questions I mull over a lot, and for-Wards has become a large part of my value creation journey. 

for-Wards strives to create ripples of joy, foster friendships and create for each of our artistic partners, their selected composer and community groups, a memorable, value creating happy experience, based on listening, sound, sharing stories and the compositional process.

for-Wards started out as a self-centred endeavour. I initially set out to compose 40 pieces of music about each of Birmingham’s electoral wards, through my own lens, a compositional vanity project if you like. 

However with a deepening sense of connection and feeling of gratitude to a wonderfully diverse, youthful city that has supported my growth and shaped our lives, my Brummie-centric music project developed into what it is today.

Each year our artistic partners (Birmingham Conservatoire, mac arts in partnership with Capsule, Birmingham Contemporary Music Group & Access to Music), will work in 5 Birmingham constituencies, select a composer with strong ties to Birmingham, be it adopted or born and bred Brummies who, possess a unique musical voice and a keenness to work with local community groups. 

In each district, community groups from each of the 4 wards which make up their district will set out with their composer to collect and create a bank of field or location recordings which become a starting point for the creation of new music.

Each composer opens up the compositional process to their community collaborators to produce what I believe will become a collection of curious, striking and innovative pieces of music which shed a unique light on this wonderful city. 

This is what we believe to be a unique approach to music composition … the composer unravels their compositional process to the community and, together they collaborate to create new music based on their sonic material to present a musical creation best representing their shared experiences. 

In each district the composer/community collaborators will create a new piece contributing to a collection of 10 new works that serve as a musical ode for Birmingham.

There will be local performances and community tours in unusual spaces and venues … we like the idea of pop up concerts in spaces such as libraries, cafes and festivals. 

All of this work contributes towards a spectacular performance of what promises to be an amazing collection of music celebrating our City.  I am so excited to watch the events and unfold, I’m sure the sleep deprivation will be worth it all in the end!'

Find out more about the project and support for-wards via PledgeMusic >> 

PledgeMusic is not only home to numerous straightforward musical projects like new albums, EPs, videos and tours, but we’re also thrilled to partner with organisations like for-wards, an inventive new endeavor that brings music and place together in a compelling new way. Artistic Director Bobbie-Jane Gardner graciously agreed to pen a guest blog for us to help explain for-Wards, its relationship to Birmingham and how the vision grew to this point.

Read Bobbie's latest blog here >> 

About Bobbie-Jane Gardner 

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Bobbie Jane-Gardner is a composer, arranger, producer and music leader with extensive experience working with schools and in the community. Her crowdfunding campaign will ask pledgers for support towards commissions and production costs, for the Birmingham wide for-Wards community music project. 

Find out more about Compose. Create. Engage. here >>

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