Cut & Splice 2017 - Programme Information

Cut & Splice 2017: Programme Information

Free Sound Art Programme: Hallé St Michael’s

Friday 10 March: 12-6pm Electrical Walks / 5-6pm installation open

Saturday 11 March :  10am-5pm Electrical Walks / 10am-6pm installation open 

Christina Kubisch (DE) Electrical Walks, 2008
Series of guided walks - register for your free place here>>

Adam Basanta (CA) A Truly Magical Moment, 2012
Interactive installation

Lee Patterson (UK)  The table upended, its contents strewn across the floor, 2017
Interactive installation


Evening Concert: Hallé St Peter's

10 March, 7pm 

UK Premiere: Steven Kazuo Takasugi (US) The man who couldn’t stop laughing, music theatre for amplified quartet and playback, 2012-14

Denis Smalley (UK / NZ) Empty Vessels, spatially diffused electroacoustic work, 1997

World Premiere: Katie Young (US) bow breath crow, amplified string trio and spatialized electronics, 2017


Fabrice Fitch (UK / FR) Agricola IXe, for bass clarinet and string trio, 2016

Helena Gough (UK) Silt, spatially diffused electroacoustic work, 2007

Mauricio Pauly (UK / CR) Charred Edifice Shining, for amplified string trio with performative electronics, 2017 

All performances will be recorded by BBC Radio 3 for broadcast in Hear and Now on 25 March and 1 April, 2017


Evening Concert: Hallé St Peter's

11 March, 7pm 

UK Premiere: Sivan Cohen-Elias (US / IL) Hack, for two solo guitars, 2014-16 

UK Premiere: Murat Colak (US / TR) A song sung together, for violin, cello, tenor sax and flute, 2015

World Premiere: Lee Fraser (UK) Reliq Ens, spatially diffused electroacoustic work

World Premiere: Sam Salem (UK) The great Inundation,  for cello. 3 object operators, tape and video, 2017


Ana Dall'ara Majek (FR / CA) Bacillus Chorus, spatially diffused electroacoustic work, 2016

Sabrina Schroeder (UK / CA) Bone games, for amplified ensemble, live-operated mechanics and electronics, 2016 

Elsa Justel (AR) GWERZ, an 8-channel electroacoustic work, 2002

World Premiere: Hanna Hartman (DE / SE) C&S 2017 Commission for performative installation and operators

All performances will be recorded by BBC Radio 3 for broadcast in Hear and Now on 25 March and 1 April, 2017

Ticket information:

Sound Art Programme at Hallé St Michael’s
10-11 March 2017, 11am-6pm 

Free but register for Christina Kubisch’s Electrical Walks here>>

Hallé St Peter’s evening concerts
10 & 11 March 

Buy tickets here>>


Cut & Splice 2017:

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