Cut & Splice: Grúndelweiser

Thursday 3 November to Sunday 6 November, 2011
ICA, London
Produced by: 
SAM and BBC Radio 3

Exploring the role of the collective in modern composition and sound art practice, Cut & Splice: Grúndelweiser is four-day journey into the hive-minds of two of the most intriguing international composer groups operating today.

Grúpat is an international arts collective based in Ireland. The founding members met at a rave in the Dublin mountains in 1999; since then the collective and its members have taken on a series of shifting identities from their earliest incarnation as the Avant Gardaí through the Grúpat of today. Though the collective works primarily in sound, their practice ranges widely, from strictly-notated compositions for classic ensembles to graphic scores, sonic sculptures, sound installations, films and interventions in both the public and private sphere.

Formed in 1992, the Wandelweiser collective has created a body of work characterised by its great beauty, economy and focus. Wandelweiser cannot easily be located at one central place or in a specific area of the international music world: the members of the group coming from highly different musical backgrounds and residing in different parts of the world. Taking the music and aesthetics of John Cage, Morton Feldman and Christian Wolff as shared starting points, the Wandelweiser composers share an interest in the exploration of compositional process and a common concern for silence and duration.

Cut & Splice: Grúndelweiser will feature music, films, exhibition and performances from:

Antoine Beuger, Freya Birren, Turf Boon, Caoimhín Breathnach, Bulletin M, Ensemble Ascolta, Jürg Frey, Marcus Kaiser, Flor Hartigan, Eva-Maria Houben, Violetta Mahon, Radu Malfatti, The Dowager Marchylove, Ukeoirn O’Connor, The Parks Service, Michael Pisaro, Burkhard Schlothauer, Detleva Verens, Jennifer Walshe, Manfred Werder and Christian Wolff

See the full programme here.

Established in 2003, Cut & Splice is a celebrated international festival of experimental music and sound art produced by Sound and Music and BBC Radio 3. Annually shifting its thematic focus, Cut & Splice draws connections between the work of the leading figures of the historic avant-garde and the key exponents of today’s radical music and sound. Cut & Splice presents both live and broadcast activity and this year the festival returns to its birthplace, London’s ICA.

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Watch UK composer Tim Parkinson's interviews with Wandelweiser composers Jurg Frey and Manfred Werder:

Grupat Special-Edition CD Treasure Hunt

Grupat CDs

A day ahead of the festival we have an important task for you: go to Foyles bookshop on Charing Cross Road, London, and follow Grupat's recommended reading list to find one of a few special-edition Grupat CD gifts, containing some remarkable music that will prepare you for the Cut & Splice experience, hidden in culturally significant locations. You're looking for something like the image above. Check out these books at Foyles:

The Third Policeman by Flann O'Brien
Old Masters by Thomas Bernhard
Citadel of Chaos by Steve Jackson
The Art of Dreaming by Carlos Castaneda
100 Artists' Manifestos ed. Alex Danchev
Early Irish Myths and Sagas trans. Jeffrey Gantz
Ham Radio's Technical Culture by Kristen Haring
Guilt and Defence by Theodor Adorno
Teach Yourself: Essential Irish Grammar

If you find a gift, please email us or tweet using the hashtag #CutandSplice to let us know. First person to tweet that they've found one gets a bonus free concert ticket to a night at the festival!

Good luck!

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Missed it? Catch up on Radio 3

If you missed the live events, you can still hear much of the content of Cut & Splice: Grúndelweiser as it is being broadcast on BBC Radio 3's Hear and Now show. You can listen again to the second of two shows here:
It will be available until 19 November.


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