Image cation is hereJaap Blonk, celebrated voice artist and interpreter of avant-garde vocal works, performs Antonin Artaud’s seminal 1947 radio art shocker ‘To Have Done With The Judgement of God’. Banned instantly by French radio this blackened and cathartic masterpiece retains the power to shock and remains an atavistic totem of human barbarity.

Crack experimental music ensemble Apartment House perform three classics for live radios and instruments, works that have created a blueprint for much of today’s most radical live electronic music: John Cage’s Radio Music and Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Kurzwellen and Poles For 2.

Ma la Pert is the live duo of legendary New York filmmaker, performer and composer Tony Conrad and Irish composer and vocal performer Jennifer Walshe. “If you can imagine a freaked-out T-Pain collaborating with The Theatre of Eternal Music, you're not quite halfway to Ma la Pert”

This is a verly long caption for a very small imageJacob Kirkegaard is a Danish artist who focuses on the scientific and aesthetic aspects of resonance, time, sound and hearing. For Cut & Splice he will be sucking sounds out of the ionosphere and channelling the natural Very Low Frequency radio signals emitted by lightning and interstellar phenomena into Wilton’s Music Hall.

Nicolas Collins, hand-built electronic instrument guru and father of a thousand circuit bent toys, will perform Devil’s Music, an insane radio sampling performance that rips the content of mainstream radio apart to reconfigure it as a surreal and hilarious gibbering of echolalic confusion.

Tetsuo Kogawa introduced free radio to Japan, and is widely known for his blend of criticism, performance and activism. His performances present themselves as acts of cultic radiophonic divination, channelling the whistling tones and greyscale oblivion of the invisible radiosphere into the ears of the audience.

The Resonance Radio Orchestra present Spiral, an invisible mise-en-scène highlighting the blind nature of radio and the imaginative seeds the medium places in the minds of its listeners. In a performance featuring a narrator and a group of instrumentalists, remote and present witnesses will attempt to break through the acousmatic curtain of radio broadcast via a re-working of the traditional live phone-in.

Keith Rowe, in his performances with seminal improvisation group AMM, pioneered the use of radio transmitters in improvised performance. For Cut & Splice he will bring together a select group of seasoned radio performers to interpret the graphic scores of New York School open form pioneer Earle Brown.

Robert Normandeau is a leading Canadian composer of a multichannel form of electronic music with roots in the early tape music experiments of Pierre Schaeffer. His works exhibit a powerful beauty and sense of place. Robert will premiere Like Radio at Cut & Splice, a personal response to the radiophonic experience.

Blood Stereo and the Bohman Brothers are drunk on the deep avant-garde of Swedish sound poetry, the damaged asylum-wall scrapings of outsider improvisation and the disruptive strategies of the Dadaists. These performers headbutt avant-middlebrow complacency into next week with an exclusive Cut & Splice collaborative showdown that will see their arsenal of tabletop clutter augmented by radio receivers.

Filmmaker Esther Johnson presents a documentary portrait of Gerald Wells, curator of the British Vintage Wireless and Television Museum. Like a John Soane for the Marconi age, obsessive radio collector and engineer Wells has created, in the family home in which he was born in 1929, the only viable and working wireless museum in the UK. An Aladdin’s Cave of radio curiosities, it is one of the lesser known gems amongst London’s proud collection of museums.

John Wynne’s show at London’s Beaconsfield gallery was one of the run away successes of 2009, becoming the first piece of sound art in the Saatchi collection. John will be creating a new installation for Cut & Splice: Transmission

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Thu 4 - Sat 6 Nov from 6.30pm at Wilton’s Music Hall, London

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