Donghoon Shin Premiere with BCMG

Wu Wei in rehearsal with BCMG and conductor Julien Leroy credit Hannah Fathers2
Credi: Hannah Fathers
Thursday 21 March 2019, 7.30pm
CBSO Centre, Birmingham
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Join Embedded Apprentice Composer in Residence Donghoon Shin as BCMG and Sheng master Wu Wei perform the world premiere of his latest work Anecdote.

Donghoon wrote about the piece:

When I received the commission from the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group for a concerto for Sheng and Large Ensemble, the first thing that emerged in my mind was the scenery of Seoul, my hometown. The image of the sole Asian traditional instrument surrounded by Western instruments brought back my memory of the city which has been developed and westernised rapidly since the 1970s, yet still hides old palaces and traditional houses in the forest of skyscrapers. The Sheng concerto, Anecdote is a self-portrait of my twenties, the wandering years when I lived in the strange city.


The concert programme will also feature works by Rebecca Saunders and Jia Guoping.

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BCMG say:

As the world grows closer together, our lives become ever more entwined. Borders between different cultures blur, broadening our understanding of the world - and the society we live in. Incorporating a musical instrument from a different musical tradition is just one way composers have reacted to our increasingly borderfree world - and so we invite Wu Wei, one of the world’s best players of the Chinese instrument, the Sheng, to join us. He will perform the world premiere of a specially-commissioned Sheng Concerto by Korean-born BCMG Apprentice Composer in Residence, Donghoon Shin.

The concert opens with Rebecca Saunders’ setting of Molly Bloom’s monologue from James Joyce’s Ulysses which triumphantly finished the work without stop or pause, and has become a cultural hallmark mirroring modern life: dissolving the borders between thought and reality in a stream of consciousness. Rebecca Saunders has spent her career in search of a true musical equivalent of experience, and we close the concert with her evocative 2009 work, Murmurs.

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