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New Voices 2016/17
New Voices 2016/17
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Every year, Sound and Music shine a light on the work of the composers who we are working with, these are our New Voices. Find out all about them and get a glimpse of their work by download our latest brochure now

Our New Voices brochure for 2016/17 is now available to download 

A note from Richard Whitelaw: 

'Working as a composer outside of the mainstream is a preposterous life choice. It’s very hard work. It involves major financial insecurity. The work created so painstakingly can be pretty much ignored or off the radar for most people. Work patterns are extremely unpredictable. As an activity it can feel like dancing on a precipice, and success in the field is hard to define in every sense. Furthermore, it takes place within a cultural context undergoing great change and that is experiencing major anxieties about its future and audience. Not something that your careers adviser would recommend at school maybe. It’s like a form of secular monasticism without even the promise of three square meals a day. 

Yet in the UK at the present time the range of activity which we might define as ‘new’ or ‘experimental’ music is bewildering in its range, approaches and orientations. There is no ‘school’ of British ‘new music’, no orthodoxy, and a wonderful lack of dogma.  It seems to be in a permanent state of becoming. 

Here at Sound and Music we’ve given up trying to define it.

New Voices 2016 brings together 25 extraordinary individuals who seek to live with these contradictions.  They are heroes of authenticity to me, not because I think they embody the authentic life, but because I think they embody the struggle for the authentic life.' - Richard Whitelaw - Director of Programmes 

We admire them. They inspire us. Check them out!

Download our New Voice brochure 2016/17 here >> 

About New Voices 

Every year, Sound and Music shine a light on the work of the composers who are currently in residence on our Embedded and Portfolio programmes. These are our New Voices

Coming from a diverse range of musical styles -across the UK – they are pioneering some of the most exciting innovations in music and performance today - from algoraves to noh japanese theatre inspired pieces!

New Voices are selected through a highly competitive open process to create new work with and for their residency partners, who can be as stylistically diverse as the British LibraryKuljit BhamraMusic Hackspace,Open Data Institute and the Birmingham Contempory Music Group (to name a but a few!)

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You can find out more about our New Voices on the British Music Collection

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