Event: Alex McLean at the ODI's Data is Culture Exhibition

Tuesday 14th July 2016
Open Data Institute
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Open Data Institute in partnership with Sound and Music.

Alex McLean Headlines the Open Data Institute's Exhibition, Data as Culture: Thinking Out Loud! "From raves fuelled by computer algorithms, 'hacking' woollen jumpers and reviving primitive Inca data storage, the new Data as Culture exhibition exposes how modern and traditional crafts are built with code." - The ODI

On 14th July, Embedded composer and algorave pioneer, Alex McLean - otherwise known as Yaxu - takes to center-stage at the ODI's exhibition, Data as Culture: Thinking Out Loud, where a private viewing of his latest innovations in algorave will take place. From 15th July, the exhibition will be available to the public by appointment (register here!). 

According to the ODI, McLean's works "explore the ways in which humans have captured and encoded data throughout history, from the ancient art of weaving, and Inca quipu (a recording method using knotted strings) to live coding, and hacking woollen jumpers". The exhibition has been described as "interactive, ever-changing and radical, and includes artists who rarely exhibit in gallery environments". 

But what is algorave?

Algoraves are "a sound and visual artform generated by computer code created collaboratively in real time." Get your dancing shoes on! McLean will perform collaboratively with Matthew Yee-King, as Canute, and will also be premiering his work Looking Screen, "a television screen placed prominently in the ODI office through which he will broadcast a live stream of his own artistic work in progress. The broadcast will also include the first tasters of the new sound composition McLean will develop during his residency, broadcast directly into the ODI office space." 

McLean says: “At its core, Thinking out Loud is about alternative histories and perspectives on digital data and code, involving a range of artists who enjoy exposing inner workings and sharing the creative processes behind their work. Humans have always explored both analogue and digital representations in their art, as can be seen in the textile artworks in Thinking Out Loud: the digital representation of stitches in a knitting pattern, directing the analogue yarn. By examining this inner digital and analogue duality, we find richer perspectives for thinking about our future with data.”


Algorave performances will be streamed online at http://eulerroom.com.

If you want to read more about Alex, you can check out our interview with him featured on The Sampler as part of our New Voices campaign. 


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