Event: Common Objects - Sonorous Matter Tour 2016

Sonorous Matter Tour
Sonorous Matter Tour
Tuesday 22nd March - Tuesday 12th April
Various UK
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Sound and Music in partnership with Arts Council England

We are delighted to announce the upcoming UK tour for Common Objects: Sonorous Matter spring tour 2016.

About Sonorous Matter Tour

When Oskar Fischinger met John Cage he talked about a spirit that lives inside each of the world’s objects, and said that what we need to do to liberate that spirit is to brush past the object and draw forth its sound. The musicians from Common Objects will each research and engage with collections from three museums: Manchester Museum, Pitt Rivers Museum and Durham University Oriental Museum. They will identify objects to form the basis of new ‘object’ scores to be performed by the ensemble.'  This will result in six new commissions, one by each member of the ensemble. In engaging with artifacts, Sonorous Matter will seek to identify and stimulate new relationships and resonances between the composers’ sound work and the objects’ histories. 

Tour dates

Pitt Rivers, Oxford / 22nd of March / 7pm (£10) For more info and tickets

Pre-concert talk: David Toop ‘Objects Uncommon and Instruments of Non-Existence’.

Manchester Museum / 31st of March / For more info and tickets

Durham Oriental Museum / 12th of April /  7pm ( £7.50 with complementary refreshments) For more info and tickets 

Pre-concert talk with Rebecca Shatwell, AV Festival

Common Objects Artists

Angharad Davies is a specialist in preparing her violin, adding objects or materials to it to extend its sound making properties, making her one of contemporary music's most fascinating figures. 

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Rhodri Davies plays harp, electric harp, live-electronics and builds wind, water, ice, dry ice and fire harp installations. 

 - Find out more

John Butcher's work ranges through improvisation, his own compositions, multi-tracked pieces and explorations with feedback. He is well known as a solo saxophone performer who attempts to engage with the uniqueness of place.

 - Find out more

Lina Lapelyte is an artist, composer and performer of the violin. In her recent projects she has been exploring the phenomena of song to examine issues of displacement, otherness and beauty.

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Lee Patterson works across disciplines and attempts to understand his surroundings by using both the aided and the naked ear. He builds and plays self-made instruments and amplified devices. His solo and collaborative works have featured in shows, festivals, television and radio broadcasts worldwide.

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Pat Thomas has been involved with some of the leading practitioners in creative music, whether that music be composed or improvised, for over thirty years. He has developed a personal vocabulary on the piano, as well as a personal approach to electronics particularly.

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