EVENT: A QUIET NIGHT IN at the Friends Meeting House (Exeter)

A QUIET NIGHT IN - Composer-Curator
A QUIET NIGHT IN - Composer-Curator
Saturday 19th March
Friends Meeting House, Exeter
Produced by: 
Emma Welton and Tony Whitehead with support from Sound and Music


We are delighted to announce that A QUIET NIGHT IN, created by Emma Welton, will be coming to Exeter this Saturday as part of Sound and Music's Composer-Curator scheme. 

Event Details: 

Date: Saturday 19th March //  7.30pm

Venue:  Friends Meeting House // Wynards LaneMagdalen Street EXETER  EX2 4HU


£10 (£6 under 18s, MU/ISM members, full-time students) from Exeter Phoenix or on the door

Box Office: 01392 667080, http://www.exeterphoenix.org.uk/category/buy-tickets/



Co-curators Emma Welton and Tony Whitehead were drawn together by their shared love of quiet listening both within and outside concert halls.

A QUIET NIGHT IN was concieved in 2014 to perform concerts of quiet contemporary music otherwise neither performed nor widely-known in Devon. An antidote to musical performances in noisy bars and club-type settings, A QUIET NIGHT IN provides a context for the exploration of the creative possibilities in quiet/silence. 

Welton and Whitehead consider carefully the quality of our listening experiences. Using different venues across Exeter and curate the programmes to best fit the space. Allowing each venue its own moment of quiet, partly to help our audience settle into a state of attentiveness, but also because each venue has its own audible character and this is worth hearing. Striking a balance between some of the more challenging quiet music of, for example, James Saunders and Wandelweiser composers, and the calm directness of, for example, Howard Skempton.

They are also interested in music that contains a certain attitude toward discovering, revealing and permitting sounds such as Joanna Bailie's Artificial Environments – with its recordings of everyday sounds combined with live instruments – and Alvin Lucier's exploration of the acoustic properties of objects, rooms and materials. We invite people to compose new quiet pieces for our concerts.

“We are delighted with how the project is going, and the first concert of the current 3 exceeded our expectations with the sell-out audience and the quality of the listening experience in the library. We are reaching new audiences and feel that we’re learning how to speak with them about the experience of ‘a quiet night in’ and these works. We are understanding how important it is to make an explicit choice about each venue and its qualities for listening.” – Emma Welton

What do audiences say? 

Here's what audiences from the first concert in the Composer-Curator series said of their experience: 

“Intriguing, enjoyable and stretching. I loved the combination of the setting and exciting new work, and the sense of experimentation (for artists, performers and audience).” – audience member

“I enjoyed the concert. I enjoyed moments of thick tangible hush, a scraped single note on a cello string, measured hits on a glockenspiel, watched a cobweb dancing on waves of heat above a standard lamp. Potential to go much deeper into carpeted and book-walled intimate sonics. A gift of hush.” – audience member

“[Moments of quiet make me feel] self-aware, focused. a quiet night in was different because someone else made the quiet for me (a gift?) and because it was communal/shared (like a group meditation). These qualities added calmness, relaxation and companionship to the mix.” – audience member

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About Composer-Curator

The Composer-Curator programme is designed to celebrate the entrepreneurial vision and passion of contemporary composers.

It aims to create a space for artists to make innovative new work, push new boundaries and develop and understand new music audiences like never before.

Sound and Music wants to honour the incredible passion, dedication and commitment of composers at the heart and grass roots of live production from across the UK.

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