Go Compose and Youth Music Partnerships

Go Compose, Sound and Music’s national initiative to get more young people composing, is entering an exciting two year phase of projects — generously supported by Youth Music. These projects focus on providing young people from a variety of backgrounds with the opportunity to explore ways of making new music and developing confidence. Sound and Music are working with three partner organisations to deliver these new Go Compose projects, each of which specialise in engaging young people who traditionally meet barriers to participating in such projects due to educational background, disability or gender.  


Community Music, Tower Hamlets 

Community Music specialise in reaching out to disengaged young people and involving them in positive, creative activity, providing them with realistic pathways back into education and employment. As part of Go Compose, Community Music have begun delivering initial workshops which will be followed by a 3 day summer intensive, followed by a series of autumn evening sessions, all focused on teaching participants to create music for film/video using sampling software.  The programme will begin again in spring 2019 and evenings session will continue to run throughout the year.

As part of this project, Community Music will also be training two Trainee Music Leaders who will work closely to assist the participants whilst developing their own skills as workshop leaders. We are delighted to announce Neil Smith and James Wilson as the Trainee Music Leaders for this project, both of whom recently participated in Making Music and Sound and Music’s ‘Adopt a Composer’ scheme.


Drake Music

Find out more about and apply to Go Compose in partnership with Drake Music here >>

A national leader in music, disability and technology with over 20 years’ experience of working in special educational needs settings, Drake Music offers high quality opportunities and creates spaces for creative expression. Drake Music’s Go Compose programme will offer taster sessions to young disabled participants in Liverpool who will then have the opportunity to work alongside professional musicians and composers on a 2 week, intensive project, developing new work which will then be toured around Special Schools, inspiring younger children with SEN/D.   

Sound and Music are collaborating with Drake Music to select an emerging composer who will be offered specialised training to work with the participants of this project to help them develop and realise their pieces. The project will be repeated in 2019 and all participants will have the opportunity to work towards achieving their Bronze Arts Award.


University of Huddersfield

Find out more about the University of Huddersfield's Go Compose project here >>

The university has an international reputation for new music and a strong commitment to addressing the imbalance of girls engaging in music technology. This imbalance is compounded by consistently fewer identifying as composers from an early age, something which Go Compose aims to tackle. Composer, researcher and educator Liz Dobson has curated a series of spring workshops and a summer intensive where professional musicians will work with girls on a variety of projects from how to create electronic experiments to making music through manipulating sound recordings. The project aims to not only to develop new musical skills but also to give the participants technological confidence.

DIY Electronics table in Huddersfield

Photo: Vicky Clarke and Noise Orchestra

This programme of workshops and intensives will be run again in 2019 and all participants will have the opportunity to work towards achieving their Bronze Arts Award.  The programme is being evaluated by Professor Martin Fautley and his team at Birmingham City University, through which we hope to learn more about approaches to the teaching and learning of composing in non-formal contexts, what good practice looks like and how we can share our findings, both amongst the partnership and more widely.

Over the past few weeks Community Music and the University of Huddersfield have embarked on the first of their Go Compose projects with more activity taking place in the coming months. With such an extensive programme planned over the next 2 years delivered by these three exciting partner organisations, Go Compose is set to inspire a fantastic range of new musical voices.  


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