Go Compose! Huddersfield

20th, 21st & 22nd April 2018
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Produced by: 
University of Huddersfield in partnership with Sound and Music

Electronic music starts here!




3 days of electronic music production for young women aged 15-18. 

Do you want to learn music production and basic electronics for audio skills? These free workshops are being offered to introduce beginners to fundamental music production skills.

The workshops are delivered by electronic music producers Caro C and Vicky Clarke, and they are being delivered as part of a wider project providing training specifically set up to serve young women interested in sound and electronic music. For full information please explore the website and get in touch if you have further questions.


Day 1: April 20th 10am-3pm

Dr Who and Delia Derbyshire inspired electronic music production day:

– Produce your own music using Garageband on Ipads
– Record and mix a track
– Create your own sample library
– Understand the fundamentals of sound engineering


Day 2: April 21st 10am-3pm

Build a Noise Machine

– Hands on DIY audio electronics from scratch
– Turn light into sound


Day 3: April 22nd 10am-3pm

Working with Ableton Live music sequencing software to develop music production techniques including

– sound composition and music production
– recording and performing short performances
– using audio controllers and sensors to manipulate sound and control music

More info including how to book here

Girl soldering
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Go Compose! Huddersfield is a partnership between:

University of Huddersfield



Global Diversity Positive Action


Yorkshire Sound Women Network (YSWN)

Delia Derbyshire Day


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