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Minute of Listening

Minute of Listening, Sound and Music’s unique teaching resource, is to ‘take over’ Bristol schools this September, in partnership with Bristol Plays Music, providing every child across the city with the opportunity to experience a range of sounds and music every day of the school term.

By partnering with Bristol Plays Music, they will be providing every primary school in Bristol with 180 minutes of sound and music, through which to learn vital skills in listening and creative enquiry.

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Bristol Plays Music

A pilot of Minute of Listening took place in 2012, involving over 20,000 children, revealed that  there was a significant impact on the ability to talk about music and sound; listening skills; exercising imagination and creativity; and opinion forming and sharing amongst other skills after just one school term using the resource. One teacher said: “

The children and I really like it. It has produced good opportunities for assessment of Speaking & Listening skills, awareness of changes in sound and being able to express likes and dislikes.”

Find out more here: http://www.minuteoflistening.org/pages/about

Minute of Listening learning


Minute of Listening is not only for teaching music but is adaptable for other areas of the national curriculum from English to Art, and Geography to Science through the huge variety of sounds and their extension activities.

The minutes are made up of some of the most varied sounds one could think of – from variations on a single note played on a ‘Bow Chime’ to a field recording in a busy market place; a dramatic orchestral piece to an eerie recording using foley sounds or lively African drumming.

Minute of Listening sounds


Sound and Music collaborates with a range of partners to source these eclectic collection of recordings from organisations such as the Pitt Rivers Museum, British Library Sound Archive, and London Sound Survey. As well as this New Voices – a cohort of some of the most exciting composers working the UK today, who’ve all been on a residency programme with Sound and Music – provided minutes from recordings, as well as some of them composing special minute-long pieces for the project.

Phil Castang, Head of Bristol Plays Music said: 

 “Making Minute of Listening available to every school in Bristol will give teachers a high quality recourse that promotes listening and creativity. In addition it will cultivate a shared learning experience between all primary school pupils regardless of where they live in the city.”

 Susanna Eastburn, Chief Executive of Sound and Music said:

“Minute of Listening is a brilliant tool that
can support teachers in delivering all kinds of curriculum areas creatively and
effectively. Listening well is such an important skill but all too often it is
neglected. Working in partnership with the great team at Bristol Plays Music
means that we have the opportunity to bring together evidence about the
transformation Minute of Listening can make to children and to schools when
delivered across an area.”

We are also excited to be launching Pack 3 in September, creating a full years worth of sounds for children to enjoy. 

Our development partners Neon Tribe said:

"Neontribe are delighted to continue our involvement in
Minute Of Listening. Ever since we sat on very small stools and showed our very
first prototype to a primary school teacher, it's had a special place in our
hearts. We're delighted it's growing and getting more and more little people
thinking about sound."

Find out more about Minute of Listening: www.minuteoflistening.org

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