Modified Toy Orchestra

Modified Toy Orchestra
Wednesday 8 September & Sunday 10 October 2010
Brimingham & London
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Sound and Music and Capsule

After international performances to critical and audience acclaim,  Birmingham’s Modified Toy Orchestra debut their new album Plastic Planet with two live UK dates. Four years in the making, Plastic Planet continues MTO’s philosophy of performing live electronic music without the use of laptops, synthesisers or samplers. Indeed no conventional instruments of any kind are used at all – a philosophy which began with their debut album Toygopop.

Modified Toy Orchestra rescue electronic toys from car boot sales and convert them into new, strange and wonderfully sophisticated musical instruments. Taking them apart, they find new connections within each toy and explore the latent potential and surplus value inherent in these liberated circuits. Guided by this hidden world, they seek to make a form of music devoid of personal narrative or autobiography, instead asking bigger questions about our relationship with the next new gadget or our desire for the constant upgrade.

On Plastic Planet they develop further concerns: themes of utopian bliss on Funfair for the Common Man; the rise of the information age on Qwerty, the collapse of empire on Great Kings Fall and the consequences of ecological vandalism on Earth One. Combining striking interactive visuals, cinematic soundscapes and joyous electronic pop music, these shows are set to be a truly a unique and life-affirming experience.

We are very excited not only about performing the new show in the UK but also at such wonderful venues. We’ve been developing the new album for the past four years and this will be the first time we perform it in its entirety with our new line-up. The audience will see 50 modified toy instruments played by 5 musicians, accompanied by striking interactive visuals. 

– Brian Duffy, Modified Toy Orchestra

Last year, the Modified Toy Orchestra performed to much critical acclaim at venues as prestigious as the Hong Kong City Hall and the Royal Opera House, London. Previous performances have included the Royal Institute, and supporting bands as diverse as Heaven17 and Melt Banana. Live sets have also been transmitted on Resonance FM and BBC Radio 1.

This year, regular conductors Brian Duffy (a national treasure” Mute), Dreams of Tall Buildings’ Darren Joyce, Pram’s Laurence Hunt and AV artist Chris Plant will be joined by new members Graeme Rose and Sean Tighe for these epic  and utterly memorable UK performances.

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