New Voices 2019 - Emily Levy Q&A

Emily Levy

“What are some of your important musical influences?”

I grew up never knowing if I was more influenced by the hip-hop I listened to or the mediaeval plainchant I sang in choirs - although I was never in any doubt as to which I listened to with my friends more!  I think that range of influences has continued for me today and I’m still pulled in many directions as a listener, musician, singer and composer.  I’m equally inspired by folk, contemporary classical, electronic, baroque music and I think this is the case with a lot the artists, musicians and friends I look
up to most.

“What are you working on at the moment?”

I’ve just finished my time as Composer in Residence with Streetwise Opera, which has
been really great.  My next job is to revisit a choral piece, ‘Unending Sky’, for young voices and percussion to prepare it for recording.  I’m developing a folk project with pianist Matthew Bourne – placing traditional songs in unexpected contexts, which is exciting. And a follow up solo release is gathering momentum so I’m looking forward to bringing that to fruition as soon as possible.

“What are you looking forward to about New Voices?”

I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to develop and share new work with
other composers, the Sound and Music team and wider audiences; a great chance to forge new connections and do lots of listening.   I’m intending to really stretch myself with who I write for, how and why, and to be able to do this within a context of reflection and feedback with other composers, musicians and professionals is ideal.
 Emily Levy Music
 Emily Levy

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