New Voices 2019 - Jamie Hamilton Q&A

Jamie Hamilton

“What are some of your important musical influences?”

I find it hard (or pointless?) to trace actual direct influences, but some people whose work I like right now are: Robert Ashley, Laurie Anderson’s early text pieces, Object Collection, Jennifer Walshe, Suicide, Cassandra Miller, Catherine Lamb and many others...

In a broader sense, I find myself influenced by dance and theatre artists - not purely in the sense of their performance craft, but also in how they structure and compose work: Pina Bausch, Forced Entertainment, Richard Foreman, Dimitris Papaioannou, Ryan Trecartin (the people everyone likes).

“What are you working on at the moment?”

I’m finishing an album collecting works of mine featuring the voice, ranging from solo performances to string quartets to robotic automata.

I’m doing more collaborations lately, including working on the first English language staging of Brecht’s unfinished “Fleischacker”. I’m also collaborating with poet and performer Caroline Bergvall on a new work being premiered at Marseille Museum of Modern Art this Autumn.

I’m trying to summon the resources for several larger, long term projects, including a new work in which hundreds of YouTube trailers for imaginary artworks are used to tell stories relating to impossibility,information and mortality. It’s quite an undertaking, so fingers crossed...

“What are you looking forward to about New Voices?”

I’m excited to pursue a new work, loosely weaving a story about post-truth/fake news politics around situations in which people have heard unexplained sonic phenomena. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot, and it feels like big project: being able to develop this with the support of an organisation like Sound and Music is very exciting. Meeting other composers and musicians as opposed to interfacing with them on Twitter will be nice, too.

 Jamie Hamilton

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