New Voices 2019 - Otto Willberg Q&A

Otto Willberg

“What are some of your important musical influences?”

This changes from day to day, so things and people that I would consider to be having a impact on me at the moment are. Annea Lockwood, for having a beautifully open attitude to both music and sound and collaboration. Sarah Hennies for using her music and art to express issues surrounding identity in such a powerful way, and Okkyung Lee for being able to tangle musically with anyone and anything and always bring something fantastic. 

“What are you working on at the moment?”

Currently, I've been spending lots of time thinking about performing/playing/listening/improvising solo and how I can move this into the realm of real things existing. I’m enjoying playing outside a lot, altering the direction of where my music is going,and also who is listening. I’ve also been thinking and slowly working on ways of playing with perception of sound, at the moment focusing on mime and different representations of actions/gestures/expectations. 

“What are you looking forward to about New Voices?”

New Voices will (I hope) help me move the things that I have been working on and thinking about, away from my personal spaces and into situations which will help me/it grow and develop and encourage learning and fun exploration. Working with a mentor will be especially interesting. I am also excited about the potential relationships with the other New Voices that might materialise.

 Otto Willberg

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