New Voices 2019 - Sharon Gal Q&A

Sharon Gal
Sharon Gal by Dawid Laskowski

“What are some of your important musical influences?”

There are many artists,musicians, composers and writers, whose work informed and inspired my praxis, also punk’s DIY attitude, non-hierarchical, egalitarian ideas, feminism, shamanic practices, bioacoustics and nature; animals, birds, insects and trees, the micro and the macro. I imagine these as interlacing threads, spreading out/in, like a living network of intricate connections, each with its own legacy, ancestry and relationships.

“What are you working on at the moment?”

I am developing a new audio-visual piece, responding to poetry and texts by female writers who took their own life. I’m also compiling a collection of scores, Études: A practice/performance manual, suitable for any voice. This work explores ‘open scores’ and alternative methods of notation; utilising text instructions and graphic scores.  It relates to a series of participatory and collaborative experimental pieces for large ensembles, which I have been performing with musicians and non-musicians, for over 10 years.

“What are you looking forward to about New Voices?”

I am delighted to join the New Voices programme and look forward to the initiation of new projects and collaborations, with opportunities for dialogue, feedback, advice and support.

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