News: Two composers selected for international Embedded with Apartment House

Michał Libera and Robert Piotrowicz
Michał Libera and Robert Piotrowicz
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Organised in collaboration with the Adam Mickiewicz Institue as part of the Polska Music programme.

Michał Libera and Robert Piotrowicz have been selected to take part in an international version of Sound and Music’s Embedded scheme organised in collaboration with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as part of the Polska Music programme

For this special version of Embedded, the polish artists will travel to the UK to collaborate with Apartment House over a 18 month period, developing new works inspired by Dick Higgin’s concept of ‘Intermedia’ (1966).

‘Intermedia’ describes the act of interdisciplinary artistic collaboration, and the selected artists will have the freedom to blur the lines between text, sound and visuals, creating new music for violin, bass/alto flute, cello and keyboard, with simple auxiliary instruments, gadgets, toys and synthesisers too.

The project also represents a new partnership between two significant national organisations that both strive to champion and promote new and adventurous music. The Adam Mickiewicz Institute and Sound and Music will work together to ensure that the selected artists have a wider introduction to the vibrant British new music scene, including meeting their peers and receiving mentoring. 

Susanna Eastburn, Chief Executive of Sound and Music, said:

“Having fruitful international collaborations is a vital part of being a successful composer and artist, not only for professional reasons but because of the new artistic perspectives it can open up. Embedded is a fantastic opportunity for composers and artists to develop and deepen their artistic practice as well as to extend their professional networks, so I’m delighted that we are working with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute to bring this collaboration about. I am very excited about the new work that will be created as a result.”

Ewa Bogusz-Moore, Project Manager of Polska Music, said:

"We are thrilled to be supporting two Polish artists in Sound and Music’s trailblazing ‘Embedded’ scheme which truly reflects the objectives of the Polska Music Programme and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute which support initiatives across many disciplines and countries. Both artists create invigorating, interdisciplinary work, and the opportunity for them to work closely with Apartment House - one of the world’s greatest contemporary music groups - gives them the best resource possible to develop the highest quality new work at the cutting edge."

Meet the composers!

Michał Libera 

Michał Libera (1979) is a sociologist working in sound and music since 2003, recently mostly producing and staging sound essays and other experimental forms of radio art and opera which brought him to collaborate with Martin Küchen, Hilary Jeffery, Pete Simonelli, Ralf Meinz, Komuna// Warszawa and others. Libera is a producer of conceptual pop label Populista dedicated to mis- and over- interpretation of music as well as series of reinterpretations of music from Polish Radio Experimental Studio (Bôłt Records). He curates various concerts, festivals and anti-festivals and music programs for art exhibitons. Libera received honorary mention at 13th Venice Arhcitecture Biennale for an exhibition with Katarzyna Krakowiak and Ralf Meinz. Collaboratoring institutions include National Art Gallery Zachęta, Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Polish National Museum (Królikarnia), Galerie West in The Hague, Satelita in Berlin. His essays on music and listening „Doskonale zwyczajna rzeczywistość” were published by Krytyka Polityczna.

Michał Libera  

In brief... 

What attracted you to apply for this Embedded opportunity with Apartment House?

"I am thrilled to work with an ensemble which takes conceptual aspect of music seriously. And not without humour."

The residency is themed around Dick Higgin’s ‘Intermedia’ – what  does ‘intermedia’ mean to you?

"Intermedia is not mixing various media. It is finding the conceptual bond between them."

What are you most excited about this residency?

"To be working on such a vague music paradox as George Brecht's "Symphony no 5" with people I don't know."   

On working with Sound and Music...

"I am excited to be chosen for a compers' residency with Apartment House as an open sociologist. "

Find out more about Michal here!

Robert Piotrowicz

Robert has authored radio dramas, sound installations, and music for film and theatre productions both for electronics and acoustic instruments. As an instrumentalist, Piotrowicz works mainly with his own live performance setup, developed around the electric guitar and analogue modular synthesiser. His music has as much in common with contemporary electro-acoustic compositions as it does with sound art. Piotrowicz has released several solo albums as well as collaborations with artists such as Burkhard Stangl, Anna Zaradny, Jérôme Noetinger, C. Spencer Yeh and Kevin Drumm. Other collaborators in recent years included John Tilbury, Ensemble Phoenix, Valerio Tricoli, Oren Ambarchi, Martin Klapper, Zbigniew Karkowski, Lasse Marhaug, Kasper Toeplitz, Tony Buck. Co-founder of the Musica Genera Festival and record label.

Robert Piotrowicz

In brief...

What attracted you to apply for this Embedded opportunity with Apartment House?

"The potential of working with Apartment House is most appealing to me on account of the group’s individualistic nature: excellent instrumentalists open to be challenged artistically on not only the sonic but also conceptual level."

The residency is themed around Dick Higgin’s ‘Intermedia’ – what  does ‘intermedia’ mean to you?

"In this particular situation, what interests me are the possible ontologies of the term intermedia, which includes not only cross-medium interference but, above all, a dialogue-based concept of intimate relations possibly arising between two points, artists, instruments, sounds, etc. I am interested in the installation-like qualities inherent to situations which incorporate multiple stimulus sources dispersed throughout a physical space and interacting with one another."

What are you most excited about this residency?

"Spending an extended period of time composing a piece in a collaborative manner is a new challenge for me, one that involves drawing directly on the experiences of the ensemble’s members. The possibility of incorporating and expanding on their personal sonic capabilities and being able to capitalize on their experience with composers are especially significant aspects because, in composing work, the ability to establish communicational synergy is very important."

On working with Sound and Music...

"Wide spectrum of programs, challenges and dedication to new music is very impressive find a wide spectrum of programs, challenges and dedication to new music very impressive. I very much look forward to getting involved with an organisation that fosters creativity, collaboration among musicians from various backgrounds and challenges the participants of its programmes."

Find out more about robert on Bandcamp and his website.

About Apartment House

Apartment House was created by the cellist Anton Lukoszevieze in1995. Under his direction it has become a venerable exponent of avant-garde and experimental music from around the World. Disregarding style, fashion and hip things, and forging nowhere with a Zeitgeistian zeal, Apartment House’s performances have included many UK and World premieres of music by a wide variety of composers.

The Apartment House group is of a flexible instrumentation, allowing for a vast range of performance possibilities. They are a regular feature on the European music scene and have even ventured as far as the USA, Russia and Australia. Their recordings and videos have been released onLMIC (George Maciunas Musical Scoring Systems), Another Timbre (Laurence Crane Chamber Works, James Saunders Assigned #15, Joseph Kudirka Beauty and Industry), Mere Records (Jennifer Walshe’s XXX Live_Nude_Girls!!!,) Cold Blue Music (Peter Garland String Quartets), Matchless Recordings (Cornelius Cardew Chamber Music). In 2012 they received the Royal Philharmonic Award for Outstanding Contribution to Chamber Music and Song. Their double album of music by Laurence Crane has received critical acclaim – described as “compellingly beautiful” by The Guardian.

2015-16 is the 20th year of Apartment House 

About Polska Music and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute

Polska Music programme actively supports performances of Polish classical and contemporary music by renowned international artists worldwide, aiming to increase its popularity across the globe. As well as initiating international stage productions and concerts, commissioning new work, and nurturing contemporary composers, Polska Music also promotes recordings, books and events.Polska Music has collaborated with a host of high-profile partners around the world, including the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Berliner Philharmoniker, Bregenz Festival, Chandos Records, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Cité de la Musique – Philharmonie de Paris, Ensemble Musikfabrik, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Klangforum Wien, Lincoln Center Festival, London Philharmonic Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Philharmonia Orchestra, Royal Opera House, Sound and Music and 59 Productions.

The Polska Music programme was established in 2011 by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, a national cultural institution promoting Polish culture abroad and actively contributing to the international cultural cooperation.

For more information on presentations of Polish culture worldwide, please visit the Institute’s website.

For detailed information on the Polska Music programme, please visit their website. 


About Embedded 

Embedded is a Sound and Music composer and creative-artist development programme. Funded by The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and the PRS for Music FoundationEmbedded places a selection of composers from a range of disciplines into extended relationships with leading national arts organisations.

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Organised in collaboration with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as part of the Polska Music Programme

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