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Meet the latest recipients of the Chagrin Awards

The Francis Chagrin Award is for composers looking for that quick top-up to get them to the next step in creating new work. 

With three rounds a year,  meet the latest artists who have benefitted from that extra bit of money to make their projects a reality. 

Ana Berkenhoff

Anna Berkenhoff

Ana Berkenhoff is a german musician and theatermaker writing, directing and performing for theater, radio and concerts. Studing applied theatre science in Gießen/D with an emphasis on sonic studies and tutored by Heiner Goebbels and Felix Kubin she started experimenting with radiodrama and scenic concerts with contemporary musicians at musikfabrik Köln and EnsembleModern at ZKM. Recent is a soloshow at Roskilde Festival, a touring show (Berlin, Zürich..) using instruments for advanced storytelling in theater, her sonic collaboration with Ono-records Manchester resolved in a new album and an interactive sonic concert involving voice, movement and sensors touring the UK.

"Very happy and delighted to be chosen for the Francis Chagrin Award: it is a big encouragement for me as a musician and a female artist. The exposure to a possible audience is not to be undervalued and gives also a reliability for possible future funding, especially as a foreigner. Am very happy to enter the sparkling group of supported artists! Looking forward to give my now repaired Electrix Repeater from KlingKlangStudio a concert soon!"

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Barry Seaman

Barry Seaman

Barry Seaman studied composition at York University.  Works have been produced and commissioned in many media, from choral music to scores for silent films, with broadcasts on BBC Radio 3, and performances internationally.  His current project is Mirabai, a groundbreaking multimedia opera with librettist Mariam Al-Roubi using holographic technology, that explores the life of the 16th century Rajasthani female mystic poet and dancer.

"This award from the Francis Chagrin Fund, for which I am very grateful, has helped towards the many expenses incurred during preparation of the score."

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Blasio Kavuma

Blasio Kavuma

Blasio is a composer, arranger and curator based in London. He studied at Bristol University under Michael Ellison, receiving a MA in composition. He is now an active collaborator and curator over numerous platforms, including film, visual art and performance art. His work has been performed by ensembles and soloists in the U.K and Japan, and has had arrangements been published by Zig-Zag education. Drawing equally from classical and popular musical traditions, he has developed a sound-world full of rhythmic vitality and stylistic versatility, and is committed to championing forward-thinking music that is accessible to a wide audience.

"I'm absolutely thrilled to be receiving this award; the support of organisations such as these are so important to the artistic development of emerging composers, and I can't wait to see what other projects are realised through it!" 

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Francesc Marti

Francesc Marti

Francesc Martí is a mathematician, computer scientist, composer, sound and digital media artist born in Barcelona and currently living in the UK. As composer and video artist, his works have been performed or exhibited all over the world, including international festivals, events and exhibitions.In 2014 he starts his project “Granular synthesis video”, with which he has already participated in more than 40 exhibitions and concerts around the world, including China, Korea, Brazil, USA, Russia, Argentina, Mexico, UK, Scotland, The Netherlands, Spain, France, Ireland, Germany and Italy.

"I am delighted to receive a Francis Chagrin award, which will help me develop my current projects. Sometimes, contemporary artistic creations using new technologies requires a certain investment, and schemes such as this help artist to make them possible." 

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Ron Herrema

Ron Herrema is a London-based composer, generative artist, and app developer. He received his PhD in Composition from Michigan State University and has a special (though not exclusive) affinity for using computer-based algorithmic techniques in his creative work. In recent years he has: developed two iPhone app/artworks; co-produced the winning entry at The Tate Modern's art hackathon; performed audiovisual free improv; composed for film; and created an interactive installation for the Tate Britain. He also studies Deep Listening practice with Pauline Oliveros and has a related interest in integrating contemplative practices with technology through creativity. 

"I'm honoured to be receiving a Francis Chagrin Award. The award will help to fund the technology needed for the development of my new app/artwork. I appreciate Sound and Music's willingness to support composers working across a broad range of genres, which is clearly in keeping with Chagrin's legacy."

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Steven Daverson


Steven Daverson graduated from the doctoral course at the Royal College of Music in 2014, studying under Jonathan Cole. His work has been featured at numerous festivals, including Aldeburgh, hcmf//, Darmstadt Ferienkurse, Music of Today, Traiettoria Parma, and the Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik; performed by ensembles such as the Arditti Quartet, Decoder Ensemble, Ensemble Modern, Ensemble Recherche, Klangforum Wien, the Philharmonia Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra, London Sinfonietta, and the Moscow Studio for New Music. In 2011, Steven was awarded prestigious Composers’ Prize of the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung, along with the RPS Composers’ Prize.Current and future projects include Arkenar: A Report from the Interior for tuba and live electronics, written for Jack Adler McKean and due to be premiered in Darmstadt later this year; and a new work currently entitled La nitroglycérine des Lumières for Ensemble Nikel for performance in 2017. A CD of his chamber and ensemble music, Shadow Walker, is available on the Col Legno label.

“I’m very pleased to have been selected for the Francis Chagrin Award, the money has helped me to purchase a new audio interface which, with the increasing frequency of live electronics in my music, will become an invaluable part of my current and future work.”

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Francis Chagrin was the founder of the Society for the Promotion of New Music (SPNM). During his career he composed symphonies, songs, chamber music, and over 200 film scores. His music is collected in Sound and Music’s British Music Collection.

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