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Compose. Create. Engage.
Compose. Create. Engage.
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Sound and Music in partnership with Pledge Music

Compose. Create. Engage. 

Designed to empower composers to realise projects outside the confines of traditional commissioning (which Sound and Music’s annual Composer Commissioning Survey reveals to be grossly inadequate and unsustainable for composers), as well as to develop and build their own network of supporters, Compose. Create. Engage will test whether a crowdfunding platform can be as useful to contemporary composers as it is for rock and pop acts. 

By partnering with PledgeMusic, these five pioneering composers will have access to 1.2 million PledgeMusic users, tapping into a community of enthusiastic and curious music lovers who might otherwise have had little contact with their particular styles. At the same time, the selected composers will introduce their existing audiences to the world of crowdfunding, to test whether this direct-to-fan communication and fundraising can be used to support the creation, recording and performance of new music outside the standard commissioning process. 

Susanna Eastburn, Chief Executive of Sound and Music, said:

'Opening up new avenues for composers to engage directly with audiences who can support them in creating and sharing adventurous new music is something that is very important to Sound and Music. In fact it feels more relevant than ever, given that the creative imagination of composers significantly outstrips what the traditional arts infrastructure can offer them. It’s very exciting for us to be working on this with PledgeMusic, as well as five such different and imaginative composers.'

About PledgeMusic 

PledgeMusic gives artists the tools, services and support that they need to create music, videos, merchandise, exclusive events and personalized fan experiences that, until now, has never been available in one place. 

PledgeMusic does not discriminate, whether an artist is signed to a major label or an indie, are on their starting jog or victory lap, PledgeMusic is, at its core, a community of artists and fans with no boundaries. When a fan becomes a Pledger they become a part of the artist’s journey from the studio to the stage. The PledgeMusic tools and technology are the “how” but the music and the experience are the “why.”

Paul Barton, Managing Director UK of PledgeMusic, said:

'PledgeMusic are delighted to be partnering with Sound and Music to launch the new “Create. Compose. Engage” campaign. PledgeMusic very much looks forward to helping creative artists from the Sound and Music family realize their projects, through both their existing audience and the wider PledgeMusic fan community. Helping and championing new music from British composers and musicians is at the centre of the PledgeMusic remit. This exciting new programme with Sound and Music is another big step forward in that.'

Find out more about PledgeMusic 

Live Campaigns 

We are delighted to announce that all of our Compose. Creat. Engage. campaigns are now LIVE!

You can support Marc Yeats, Jacob Thompson BellShaun BlezardAlex McLean, Bobbie-Jane Gardner helping them to achieve their goals, becoming apart of their story and apart of our experriment now over at PledgeMusic

Find out more about Alex's campaign & support him here 

Find out more about Bobbie's campaign & support her here 

Keep up to date with all the latest activity with #CCE 

Closed Campaigns 

Find out more about Marc's campaign & support him here

Find out more about Jacob's campaign & support him here

Find out more about Shaun's campaign & support him here 



Meet the CCE Composers

The five composers selected to lead the experiment are: 

Alex McLean

Alex's PledgeMusic campign

For more info: Twitter // Web

Alex McLean is an interdisciplinary artist who works with pattern and code, writing code live to make broken techno. Alex will be crowdfunding for his next code-driven album "Sponge Spicule" and, in the process, will be improving and widening access to his open source live coding software, Tidal Wave.

Bobbie-Jane Gardner 

Bobbie's PledgeMusic campign

For more info: Twitter // Web

Bobbie Jane-Gardner is a composer, arranger, producer and music leader with extensive experience working with schools and in the community. Her crowdfunding campaign will ask pledgers for support towards commissions and production costs, for the Birmingham wide for-Wards community music project. 

Jacob Thompson Bell 

Jake's PledgeMusic campign

For more info: Twitter // Web

Jacob Thompson Bell is a contemporary classical and experimental music composer and sound artist who works with unusual forms of notation and combines visual imagery with musical performances. Jake will be raising funds to support the commissioning of limited edition graphic scores and performances in the Yorkshire region as part of Fresh Yorkshire Aires.

Marc Yeats 

Marc's PledgeMusic campaign

For more info: Twitter // Web

Marc Yeats is a composer, visual artist and a GPS-triggered user-mediated installation producer, workshop leader and project manager. Marc will be fundraising to bring his yet unrecorded extraordinary piano music to life as a digital download with the pianist Ian Pace.

Shaun Blezard 

Shaun's PledgeMusic campign

For more info: Twitter // Web

Shaun Blezard is the leader of a collective of community-driven musical improvisers, Some Some Unicorn. He will be crowdfunding to for their second Unicornucopia.

For all the latest on the Compose. Create. Engage. project and to support the composers above head to PledgeMusic 





Composer Commissioning Survey 2015

In 2014, Sound and Music conducted the Composer Commissioning Survey for the first time. We had an overwhelming response and saw press coverage across the world. This year we collaborated with the Australian Music Centre to extend the survey's reach in Australia and sought to find out what composers consider a fair fee for a number of commission scenarios.

Read the full artical and survey findings 


This experiment is in partnership with:

Pledge Music

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