News: Distractfold chosen as next Cut & Splice curators!

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Distractfold ensemble chosen to curate the next Cut & Splice festival! 

Manchester-based Ensemble, Distractfold, have been selected to curate the much loved sonic arts event, taking place in Manchester in 2017. 

This project will be part of Sound and Music’s wider Composer-Curator support programme and will result in two evenings of live events at a venue in Manchester with following broadcasts on Hear and Now featuring artist interviews and performances recorded over the festival. 

Hannah Bujic, Creative Project leader, said: 

Distractfold will really bring Cut & Splice in Manchester to life with a raft of exciting ideas. I’m really looking forward to working with them as we plan the festival with BBC Radio 3 – at the moment it’s a completely blank canvas so watch this space!

DF#30: Michelle Lou, Crocodiles 1b, 15.08.15, I.A.B.F, Manchester from Distractfold Ensemble on Vimeo.

Meet Distractfold! 

Manchester-born ensemble, Distractfold, specialise in performing instrumental, electroacoustic and mixed chamber music. Founded by Mauricio Pauly, Sam Salem, Rocío Bolaños, Linda Jankowska, Alice Purton and Emma Richards, Distractfold have presented over 40 concerts around the world since 2011 and became the first British ensemble to be awarded to the prestigious Kranichstein Prize for Interpretation at the 47th International Summer Course for New Music, Darmstadt.

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In brief...

What attracted you to apply for this opportunity?

Curating and producing Cut & Splice 2017 in collaboration with Sound and Music and BBC Radio 3 will give Distractfold the support and guidance we need to realise an ambitious and world-class programme of events, and the platform to present our vision, and our community, to the wider world. 

What themes are you hoping to explore when curating the festival programme?

We will be exploring the theme of presence vs omnipresence: our curatorial proposal is titled Presence Effects.

Presence Effects is a a line through the history of 20th century music that terminates in the Now. We propose that the new music of the 21st century is chiefly ambiguous in its production of presence: we are present and absent in equal measure, at the liminal threshold of tangibility.

Aesthetic and technological developments in the music of the 20th century at first took us deeper into the "present", revealing hidden sonorities within instruments and objects through amplification and processing, while simultaneously dissolving the tangiable, altering the connection between performer and sounding body, taking us further into "omnipresence", through the development of disassociated sound production technologies such as recording, sampling and synthesis, and the acousmatic temporal and spatial dislocation of sound and source via the projection of sound through loudspeakers.

The events are taking place in Manchester - how much does the city inspire your own work and how will this translate into your curatorial process?

Manchester has a special place in our hearts, as the city where all members of Distracfold studied, and where the group was formed in 2011. Manchester is a city of multiplicities: contrasting histories, architectures, tribes, interwoven. In short the city feels like a vibrant, evolving organism, and it is this feeling that we try to translate into our curatorial process. 



About Cut & Splice 

Cut & Splice was created by Sonic Arts Network and BBC Radio 3 in 2003 and ran until 2011 as an acclaimed international festival of sound art and experimental music curated and produced by Sound and Music and BBC Radio 3.

At the heart of the festivals curatorial programme was the presentation and broadcast of work using electroacoustic technology. Annually shifting its thematic focus, Cut & Splice drew connections between the work of the leading figures of the historic avant-garde and contemporary composers and artists. 

Cut & Splice performances were broadcast on Radio 3's flagship contemporary music show, Hear and NowAfter a four year hiatus Cut & Splice was re-launched in 2015 as a composer led project. This iteration, with a presentation in 2017, will be the second presentation in this format. 

 About Composer-Curator 

Composer-Curator is Sound and Music’s national new music touring programme. First launched in 2013, it supports entrepreneurial artists from a range of disciplines looking to create their own opportunities by curating their own events – tours, festivals and concert series – and thus celebrates a step of change in the world of live music touring. Composer-Curator not only creates a space for artists to produce new work; it enables them to hone their curational skills, generating a more sustainable form of practice that can positively impact the new music sector as a whole.

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Hear and Now is Radio 3's primary contemporary music programme, featuring live performances and studio sessions from the best new groups, and premiering works commissioned by the BBC

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