News: Francis Chagrin Award - Meet the Artists! (February 2020 Winners)

Meet the latest recipients of the Francis Chagrin Award

The Francis Chagrin Award is for composers looking for that quick top-up to get them to the next step in creating new work. 

Angela Slater

Angela Elizabeth Slater is a UK-based composer. In her AHRC-funded PhD at University of Nottingham, Angela developed an interest in musically mapping different aspects of the natural world into the fabric of her music. Recent significant achievements include being selected to become a 2020 Tanglewood Composition, a Britten-Pears Young Artist through which Angela worked with Oliver Knussen, Colin Matthews and Michael Gandolfi, developing Soaring in Stasis which received its premiere at 2018 Aldeburgh Festival. Angela recently became the New England Philharmonic’s 2018 call for scores winner resulting in the world-premiere of Roil in Stillness in April 2019.

Angela said:

"I’m delighted to have been awarded the Francis Chagrin Award. Sound and Music’s ongoing support of composers/artists is so important and a truly wonderful thing."

"The funding will go towards the purchase of Dorico Pro 3 software. I feel engaging with this software in integral for my composition career going forward. Dorico is being designed to really engage with the way different composers work and present their work, therefore I feel it is vital for me to get to know how it Dorico works and begin to use it in my own creative practice. I feel this will open up my notation practice where previous software put limitations in the way that had to be worked around. This year I will begin to learn how to use Dorico and initially begin to use the software on some my smaller projects."


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  Listen here 

Andy Truscott

Andy Truscott is a composer/field recordist based in Fife, who releases music under the moniker Kinbrae with his twin brother Mike. His work is inspired by the Scottish landscape and features a range of field recordings that are manipulated and treated, adding organic elements to the electronic music he composes.  Kinbrae’s latest album ‘Landforms’ was released in April to critical acclaim on London label Truant Recordings and explored the River Tay and the brother’s relationship to it growing up in a village near Dundee. Andy has also composed music to accompany the exhibition ‘We Live In The Future’ for the Dundee Design Festival as well as composing a library album for EMI/SonyATV and joining the publishing/synch licensing agencies Manners McDade and Woodwork Music.  

Andy said:

"I am grateful to receive the Francis Chagrin Award to support my upcoming site specific field recording project in Fife, Scotland. It's very encouraging to see Sound and Music continue to support experimental music and I'm humbled to be recognised for this award."

"The support from the Francis Chagrin Award will allow me to buy a pair of specialist microphones for a field recording and music project with Scottish writer/poet Clare Archibald titled Birl of Unmap."


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Chloe Knibbs

Chloe Knibbs is a composer exploring storytelling, theatricality and sidelined voices with a particular emphasis on feminist perspectives.  Included in the British Music Collection, her work includes compositions for opera and music theatre, orchestra, chamber music, art song and choir. Her music has been featured on BBC Radio 3 and performed by a number of ensembles including the Riot Ensemble, Birmingham Opera Company and Project Instrumental. Chloe's work has also received support from PRS Women Make Music Scheme and Jerwood Arts. 

Chloe said:

"I am really happy to be selected for a Francis Chagrin Award, as this support will enable me to realise a work I have been exploring for some time and allow me to continue to develop my knowledge of electronics in regards to my own creative practice."

"My Francis Chagrin Award will be used to cover the costs of an audio interface, allowing me to develop a piece of music theatre for soprano and electronics that has come from research undertaken in my Jerwood Arts Bursary project "The Female Creative Voice". This work will explore the concept of ruins and decay, in drawing on the lives and music of a group of 19th century French female composers."


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Frazer Merrick

Frazer Merrick uses field recordings, circuit bending and synthesis to create experiences which explore the act of play. Using lo-fi technologies Frazer transforms a space or object, encouraging the audience to become a curious performer and embrace play through interactivity, improvisation and collaboration. Frazer's work materialises as playful interactive sculptures, transportive soundscapes and empowering educational projects. As a sound artist working in Essex, England, Frazer works across films, video games and interactive installations. Frazer studied at Huddersfield University, earning a 1st Class Honors in Music Technology and Popular Music Studies. He has exhibited at venues including Firstsite, Nottingham Contemporaries and Turner Contemporary as well as producing work with Channel 4 and the BBC.

Frazer said:

"I’m incredibly proud to have been selected for the Chagrin award and the financial assistance provided will help me explore new ways of composing and performing."

"The money from this award will be used to purchase small solar panels, amplifiers and LED lights as I explore creating music from light. Using a solar panel as a microphone, I’ll be exploring different colours of light to create different timbres, and sourcing a variety of flashing lights to create rich textured rhythms."




Will Langstone

Will Langstone is a self-taught composer, cellist and DIY maker. He performs regularly on cello and electronics as Armed With Bow, drawing on influences including ambient, classical and electronica. His work explores the natural interactions between acoustic instruments and electronics, and how they can be extended.

Will curates the monthly events series Ambient Evensong in Stoke Newington, a meditative listening session of live ambient music and tea. He is also a resident host on Threads Radio in Tottenham where he presents a monthly show previewing live classical-oriented music coming up in London called Through The F-Hole.

Will said:

“I’m really pleased to be chosen for the Francis Chagrin award. It’s a real boost having support to help get new projects done."

"I’m putting the money towards parts for a series of custom micro-controllers powered devices I’m making that will be used in a new collaboration I’ve been working on and some new solo work. I got fed up with foot controllers not doing exactly what I wanted so I’m making my own that can be customised for different performances.”

 Listen here

 Armed With Bow


Helen Anahita Wilson


Helen Anahita Wilson works at an idiosyncratic intersection of Western contemporary and South Asian classical and devotional musics, with a particular interest in rhythm and resonance.  Her output has its foundations in ethnomusicological study of South Indian Karnatik music married to a questing spirituality through sound. She performs regularly in collaboration with South Asian rhythm artists and her works have been broadcast on radio globally. Wilson’s latest album of composed and improvised work, DIWAN, is a collaboration with tabla player Shahbaz Hussain. 

Helen said: 

"I’m really thankful to Sound and Music for awarding me a Francis Chagrin award. Having such support is much appreciated and it will assist me in realising a large scale work in a new area for me."

"This funding goes towards a Focusrite audio interface which I’m using in a new piece for konnakol and electronics, premiering in Brighton in Autumn 2020."


Francis Chagrin was the founder of the Society for the Promotion of New Music (SPNM). During his career he composed symphonies, songs, chamber music, and over 200 film scores. His music is collected in Sound and Music’s British Music Collection.

Sound and Music has now repurposed the Francis Chagrin Award in order to respond to the needs of the composer community during this unprecedented emergency to create the COVID-19 Composer Awards. The awards will support UK-based composers and music creators who have lost work due to the COVID-19 crisis to undertake creative or professional development. Find out more here.

Sound and Music has now repurposed the Francis Chagrin Award in order to respond to the needs of the composer community during this unprecedented emergency to create the COVID-19 Composer Awards. The awards will support UK-based composers and music creators who have lost work due to the COVID-19 crisis to undertake creative or professional development. Find out more here.

Previous Recipients

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