News: The Francis Chagrin Award Results - Meet the Artists! (March 2019 Winners)

Francis Chagrin Recipients
Francis Chagrin Recipients
Thursday 28th March 2019

Meet the latest recipients of the Francis Chagrin Award

The Francis Chagrin Award is for composers looking for that quick top-up to
get them to the next step in creating new work. 

With three rounds per year, meet the latest artists who have benefitted from that extra bit of money to make their projects a reality.

Sarah Keirle

Sarah Kierle

Sarah is an electroacoustic composer, sound designer, performer and artist based in Manchester,UK. Having graduated from the University of Manchester in 2017 with a first class MusB (hons) in Music and the P.J. Leonard First Prize for Electroacoustic Composition,and completed an Advanced Diploma in Sound for Film, Games and TV at SSR in 2018, she is currently studying a Masters in Electroacoustic Composition and Interactive Media at the University of Manchester.Her works have been performed, at the ICMC2018 in Korea, EASTN-DC,Ecos Urbanos in Mexico, MANTIS, NMNW, SHETogether, and the Diffrazioni festival in Italy.

Sarah Keirle said:

I am extremely grateful to the Francis Chagrin Award for their support! Composing electroacoustic music ends up being very expensive, what with the price of microphones, DAWs, interfaces, and plugins all adding up.

The money from this award will go towards the purchase of a Zoom H4N microphone, which will allow me to take fantastic quality field recordings – hopefully, for me to make some fantastic compositions! My old microphone has limited the quality of my recordings, and therefore my final pieces, for some time, and I am so excited to see what this new mic can do.

  Sarah Keirle

Alex Silverman

Alex Silverman is an award-winning Composer who has co-written a number of musicals and composed for 12 productions at Shakespeare's Globe. Passionate about live performance and storytelling, he has made music for many of the country's major theatres,as well as major festivals at home and abroad and works for Radio, TV and Film. Alex has collaborated with Britain's leading jazz musicians, adapted and conducted operas, recorded with orchestras, and remains a busy choral director. Alex's work is distinctive for its playful approach,and his thirst for engaging audiences with new sounds.

Alex Silverman said:

I am thrilled to be a recipient of the Francis Chagrin Award.  This gives me the funding and impetus I needed to explore something new in depth, and to turn a naughty idea
into some real music.

I will be using the money to acquire vintage tape recorders.  I am recreating the techniques of Alvin Lucier’s 1969 masterpiece'I Am Sitting In A Room’and applying them to the archived answerphone recordings of the storyteller 'Joybubbles' the intention is to generate melodies,pulses, and atmospheric drones derived from the speaker’s own voice.This will feed into a larger stage work I have been composing, based on the life of Joe Ingressia/Joybubbles, which blends song, recorded speech, and rhythmical collage of found telephone sounds.

 Alex Silverman


Craig Scott

Craig Scott is a Sound artist / Improviser/ Composer / Analogue and Digital Instrument; sound recording equipment designer and maker working in both studio and live contexts.

His solo work focuses on the uncomfortable junction of human and machine creation and execution, scaling the uncanny valley by blurring the lines between the natural and the mechanized or the real world and the illusion. Glorifying both human and machine error, indulging both the electronic degradation of the recorded artefact and the reinterpretation during translation of ideas between human beings.

Craig Scott said:

I am very grateful to receive the Francis Chagrin award and this support from Sound and Music.

This awarded will allow me to facilitate my work utilising both human performers and a range of digitally automated solenoids, motors, contact speakers and microphones to control both traditional instruments and a range of domestic everyday objects. I am interested in producing work that uncomfortably straddles both sound worlds, deriving tension from the unnatural consistency and precision that digital control allows while retaining the vivid energy of real time capture of acoustic performance.


  Craig Scott 

Pablo Sanz

Pablo Sanz is an artist,composer, sound recordist and researcher. His diverse body of work — site-specific and public art projects, immersive multichannel live performances and installations, broadcasts, exhibitions, pieces for headphone listening, releases — has been experienced internationally in different contexts. Pablo’s practice is guided by interests in time, space, materiality and nonhuman vitality. Through a continuum of approaches, his work explores the limits of human perception and attention, encouraging a sensory ecological awareness.Listening becomes a political act,intended to resist dominant tendencies in contemporary societies,cultivating alternative forms of being and thinking.

Pablo Sanz said:

I am very grateful to be receiving a Francis Chagrin Award and appreciate Sound and Music´s efforts to encourage the activities of experimental sound artists."

The award will help with the costs of a new electromagnetic listening-sensing device. This support contributes to the growth of an ongoing multichannel live performance series focused on the exploration of environmental electromagnetic energies across the invisible spectrum.


 Pablo Sanz

Pablo Sanz

Marilyn Herman 

Marilyn Herman is a composer with a strong folk and jazz, as well as classical, background.  Her compositions have been characterised as "jazz-classical", and are also deeply influenced by various world musics. She has researched, published, performed and danced Ethiopian and Yemenite music. Her works have been performed at a number of venues in the UK and the United States, including 4 London New Winds Festivals, and a PRS workshop with John Woolrich. She is an LSO (London Symphony Orchestra) Soundhub Associate. 

Marilyn Herman said:

I feel honoured, delighted and grateful to have been selected for a Chagrin Award.  I find it affirming and supportive.  Because of Francis Chagrin’s origins, it seems fitting that an Award in his name is supporting singing in two Eastern European languages in two works with a Jewish theme. 

I am using the award to fund the translation and to facilitate the use of two texts, one Hungarian, the other Czech, which are incorporated into two of my works.  The first, “Rozsa’s Wish” is based on the last words to her children of my Hungarian grandmother who died in Auschwitz:  “Just that you should live.“  The other work,  “The Angel of Chomutov“ is dedicated to an unknown Czech woman who gave her life to give my father bread when, at 14, he was a prisoner on a death march from Buchenwald to Theresienstadt. 


 Marilyn Herman 


Francis Chagrin was the founder of the Society for the Promotion of New Music
(SPNM). During his career he composed symphonies, songs, chamber music, and
over 200 film scores. His music is collected in Sound and Music’s British Music Collection.

The Francis Chagrin Award is accepting applications!

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